Baby Bear Club

Early Learning and Development Classes for Children from 4 months to Pre-School

What Baby Bear Club says

Our classes provide a fantastic opportunity for early learning and development. Each class is carefully structured to include activities which stimulate speech development, increase focus and concentration, offer socialising with peers, and involve extensive use of fine motor skills, balance and coordination. Most importantly, each activity is filled with fun, love and exciting colourful props, to make sure that children are loving the process of learning.

Baby Massage, LIVE STREAM, Interactive 6 Week Course

supports bonding, baby's development, improves sleep and aids digestion

0 months - 12 months

Parent & Baby Yoga, LIVE STREAM, Interactive 6 Week Course

supports baby's development and deep relaxation and healing for parents

3 months - 12 months

Play & Learn I (sitting, crawling, cruising)

fusion of baby massage, yoga, sensory stimulation, movement, and more..

5 months - 15 months

Play & Learn II (walking to about 26m)

encourages independence, fine motor skills and speech development, coordination

16 months - 2 years 2 months

Dance (from walking to 5yo)

It is all about rhythm, music, moves and supporting physical development

18 months - 3 years

Dance (from walking to 5yo)

Supporting a child's physical development, developing a sense of rhythm etc

18 months - 4 years

Dance, LIVE STREAM, Interactive Classes

Dance for kids

16 months - 5 years

Play & Learn III

prepares kids for school and school assessments.

2 years 2 months - 5 years


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