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Award winning baby development classes from birth to 13 months

What Baby Sensory says

Baby Sensory was the first baby programme to offer a complete approach to learning and development from birth to 13 months. Designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious memories during the all-important first year of life, the programme has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally since 2008.


Hello! Welcome to the Baby Sensory page. You can find all our classes here on Happity, including locations, times & age groups. 👶🏻What is Baby Sensory and why do over 31,000 babies a week come to our classes in the UK? ⭐️We’re a learning and development programme specifically designed to be suitable from birth, taking your babies on a magical journey each week until they reach 13 months of age. From puppet shows and musical instruments, to baby signing, massage, singing and dancing...we offer an incredibly diverse range of activities which differ each week over the entire year!! 👶🏻Are we a new class? ⭐️No Baby Sensory launched in 2006 and classes now run from 28 countries! We’re proud award winners of multiple accolades in the field of Baby Development classes too! We’ve been very established across the TW postcodes since 2016, with classes running through the week 👶🏻Are we just a ‘Mummy group’? ⭐️No! We have a huge number of Daddies, Grandparents, relatives and carers who come to class each week, contributing to our diverse, warm and welcoming environment. 👶🏻What happens at Baby Sensory? ⭐️You’ll experience 40 minutes of Sensory activities with a different theme each week...visiting underwater worlds, lying beneath jungle vines, having a teddy bears picnic or zooming through’ll also enjoy a vital 15 minute play-break in our huge exploratory play area! 👶🏻Will I learn anything from the classes? ⭐️Yes...there is 35 years of expert knowledge and experience behind our lesson plans, we’re privileged to share this with you! Each activity has a fundamental developmental benefit behind it. 👶🏻Is my baby too young, too old, too mobile? ⭐️If your baby is under 13 months then Baby Sensory is for you! Our youngest baby was just 2 weeks old but the majority of our young babies start around 6-8 weeks of age. In our mixed age classes we welcome crawlers and walkers who continue to benefit from all of our sessions. 👶🏻What adventures can I expect at Baby Sensory in the Autumn term? ⭐️space adventures, Teletubbies, Creative Play, Rainforest and our famous Baby Pumpkin session and more! 👶🏻Ok I’m sold...How do I book? Head to the website or contact me through the details on here I look forward to welcoming you to a class soon. Our team is made up of myself - owner since 2015 and class leader in Feltham & Isleworth and our new addition Kate who teaching in Whitton & Brentford

Younger Babies

Precious early learning for babies

0 months - 7 months

Baby Sensory @ home

Baby Developmental and Multi Sensory Sessions

0 months - 13 months



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[email protected] Online Interactive

11:30 –12:30 Younger Babies
0 months - 7 months
13:30 –14:30 Baby Sensory @ home
0 months - 13 months
10:00 –11:00 Baby Sensory @ home
0 months - 13 months
11:15 –12:15 Baby Sensory @ home
0 months - 13 months

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