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Online creative play and storytelling for babies and young children

What Barn Tales says

“When the cockerel sings, our story begins. Cock – a – doodle – doo!!!


Hi, I'm Abi, a drama educator with over 15 years of experience working in schools and theatres with young people big and small. I believe that creative play and opportunities to explore the imagination are vital for children - and their adults! So, I created Barn Tales, a place full of stories and adventure where everyday objects and occurrences become things of wonder. Barn Tales workshops are creative online storytelling sessions for 1 to 3-year-olds. In each session, your child will join Barn Mouse on an adventure as he discovers the world around him – and gets into mischief! Luckily, his friend the Brown Owl is on hand to help put things right again! Barn Tales workshops are interactive and carefully designed to encourage creative play, curiosity, movement and to stimulate young imaginations. Each workshop has an original storyline that incorporates themes such as the seasons, weather, animals, nature, emotions, colors, counting, and many more. Your little one is guaranteed to be engaged as the stories are brought to life with colorful props, puppetry, music, and fun activities.

Barn Tales

Gentle, creative online storytelling sessions for 1 – 3 year olds

12 months - 3 years
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10:00 –10:30 Barn Tales
12 months - 3 years

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