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Emily Tredget PND Maternal Mental Health

“Before I gave birth I was a confident, go-getter, yes-type person. An extrovert who loved working as part of a busy team. You could throw anything at me and I’d find a way to make it happen. With enthusiasm and drive.”

“When PND took hold even the thought of meeting my best friend for coffee flooded me with anxiety.”

Maternal Mental Health

Lisa shares with us her experiences with a traumatic birth and dealing with PND, PTSD and Postnatal Anxiety. She has discussed sensitive subjects in this submission, all in the hope that it will help anyone who is currently going through a similar situation. If you yourself are currently dealing with PND, PTSD and/or Postnatal Anxiety, please do not suffer alone. Seek help if you can.

women hugging Maternal Mental Health

Loneliness is something that so many new mums (and dads) can feel. And it can be a huge factor in contributing to PND. Which is why, here at Happity, we want to create an easy way for parents to connect and find friendship and support.


With Easter just around the corner we’ve put together some super cute makes for little ones. From cheery chicks to little bunnies. All made from things you’re likely to have in the house (or can buy really easily from craft stores or supermarkets)