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5 ways to make mum friends

Posted on 14 Jan, 2018.

Becoming a mum is a daunting time for anyone. Especially if you’re the first one of your friends to have a baby, or if your friends all have older children. Having mum friends around to keep you company through the long days and sleepless nights is invaluable. But, for some of us, meeting new people can be (almost) as daunting as having a child.

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

Loneliness is also reported to effect 9 in 10 mums. As it can lead to maternal mental health issues such as post-natal depression it’s important to build a good local support network around you.

Here are some ways to make friends with other mums.

1. Go to your local baby & toddler group

Baby and toddler groups are a great way to meet mums, in your local area. They give you a chance to offload or ask questions to people in a similar situation to you, and your child gets to socialise too! Sometimes there is a cost associated with classes, but you can often find toddler groups at local churches that are either free or only a small charge – normally including coffee and cake!

2. Head to your local library

Many libraries have story time sessions or sing-a-longs for children. Not only are these a good way to meet other parents, but they’re also a great way to introduce your children to books and libraries from a very young age. They are generally free too!

3. Join a local Facebook Group

A lot of local areas now have their own Facebook groups where people share local news and events. You might find something to go to, or you might start chatting to new people in comments and discussions. There might even be someone to virtually keep you company during night time feeds.

There are loads of great online apps too where you can connect and arrange to meet up with other parents. We have put them all together in our Find Your Tribe directory. Your new mum friend might just be a click away!

4. Join Happity

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you have already heard of Happity. But if you haven’t, Happity allows you to find and book local baby and toddler classes. Class leaders know that lots of parents will feel a little nervous the first time they come to a class and make a huge effort to make their classes welcoming. You’ll often meet the same group of parents in classes and, over the weeks, will find that you become friends.

5. Be the first one to say ‘Hi’

This one can sound pretty scary, but someone has to make the first move to become friends. Start smiling or saying hello to any mums you meet in the park or at a coffee shop. You might not click, and that’s okay, but at least you’ll know you tried. I’ve had a few strange looks, but many great chats this way!

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