summer crafts for kids

9 super summer crafts for kids

Posted on 23 Jun, 2022.

From a super cool ice lolly creation station to the cutest handprint blooms here are some super summer crafts for kids.

1. Button trees

An absorbing summer craft that will keep little ones busy for ages. Paint a tree trunk on their sheet of paper in brown paint. Then your child can glue down lots of colourful buttons to make the leaves/blossom. You can buy jars of brightly coloured buttons very cheaply at craft shops or online.

2. Lolly creation station

summer crafts lollipops

Set up a little creation station for your child to design their own ice lollies. Cut out shapes for the lollies from card and then put together a selection of craft items to decorate. These could include buttons, mini pom-poms, little rectangles of card and ‘sprinkles’ made from tiny pieces of snipped card. Finish with wooden lolly sticks. This is not only a lovely summer craft but creates an opportunity for imaginative play too.

3. Colourful caterpillars

Cut lots of little circles from sheets of foam (or card) and ask your child to arrange them into a pattern and stick them together to make their caterpillar. They can either glue on googly eyes or draw on eyes and smile with a Sharpie. Cut a leaf shape from green card for your little caterpillars to sit on.

4. Summer craft for kids – Happy hand flowers

This is a lovely activity to do with a group. but you can also make much smaller pictures if you are just doing it with your child. Paint hands with bright coloured paint and make hand prints on a sheet of paper. Then use a paintbrush to make the green stalks. You can print as many flowers as you like. You can then print with forks and sponges to make lots of smaller flowers and grass. The result is a super cheery summer scene.

5. Little sponge sailing boats

A quick and easy way to make little sailing boats for the paddling pool (or bath!). Just cut sponges to your desired shape. Make a sail from card and a cocktail stick and pop it in place. A lovely summer craft for kids.

6. A hand full of blooms

summer crafts handprint flowers

Pinnies on and tablecloths down as this one’s a bit messy! But – it’s great fun too. Paint your child’s hand in a nice bright colour and help them print it onto a sheet of paper or card. Repeat to make lots of overlapping handprints (like in the picture above). Complete your bunch of flowers by painting stalks a little heart and ribbon details.

7. Bugs and bunnies

Don’t throw out those toilet roll tubes! Repurpose them to make these gorgeous bugs and bunnies. First paint your tubes and then add details with card. You can add googly eyes and pom pom noses too. There are a few different ideas here but your child can use their imagination to create their own critters.

8. Summer craft for kids – Cute cows

We love this little make. Again start with an empty toilet roll tube. Fold down both sides at one end to make the ear shape. Then paint with white paint. Add a bob of pink for the nose and black spots. Then complete with googly eyes and a little tail from card.

9. Animal planters

A perfect summer craft for kids. Let your child create their own little plant pot. These start out in life as milk cartons or empty plastic bottles. Carefully cut the bottom from your carton (make sure an adult does this bit!). You can cut out some ears too to make an animal planter. Then your child can paint their planters and add details, such as the eyes and nose, whiskers and any other patterns they like!

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summer crafts for kids

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