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Are children included in the 6 person max?

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That is the short answer.

However, that is only relevant for informal meet ups.

For formal, Covid-safe classes, “baby playgroups” are now exempt. We have been lobbying the Government for months on this – so when we say this added to the official exempts to the 6 we were very happy to see it!

So, if you run or go to a formal baby or toddler group, the good news is that the 6 max doesn’t apply.

However in practice this is proving more difficult to achieve than you might think.

The issue is the lack of thought and guidelines for groups where children AND parents attend. There are currently no guidelines for this demographic. And therefore providers are having to sift through multiple guidelines aimed at different demographics to work out if they can continue.

Now the good news is that baby & toddler classes have been able to continue since July, and still can despite the new 6 person max rule as they are exempt. However, in practice this has been very difficult. With only about 5% having actually returned.

We are therefore continuing our petition, to call on the government to provide clear guidelines for classes and groups where children AND parents attend.

Please sign the petition below, and share it with your family and friends.

Emily will be talking with a Government minister soon (and spoke about this on the BBC News recently about all the confusion – not that they way they cut my sentence made it much clearer…), and the more people who sign this petition, the more likely she will be able to get help for all new parents and providers. Be it through guidance as we have put in the petition, or through excluding children from the 6 max like in Scotland and Wales. As this would reduce the confusion, and enable more commercial and community groups to return.

Please sign and share:

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