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Nicole Freeman always had a love of food and cooking. But it was her own fussy eater that prompted her to set up The Kids’ Kitchen, her multi-award-winning cookery school for kids.

She aims to show kids how much fun cooking can be, and encourage them to try new foods, by involving them in preparing and cooking their own meals.

Here she explains why the effects of sugar on child health may not be as bad as you think…

So, you’ve had a baby, you’ve made it through the early days and sleep deprivation with plentiful caffeine, supportive friends and lots of googling.  Now it’s all baby massage and baby singing, which is great for development and heart-warming giggles. But what about you? Is it OK for you to have fun too? Even to poke fun at the crazier aspects of parenting? 🤔🤔

Luckily, stand-up comedy for parents is a thing! And Alyssa Kyria, co-founder of Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB) Comedy has been telling us about what to expect at a parent and baby comedy show.

How BYOB was born

Alyssa experienced post-natal depression and was initially nervous about getting out and about with her baby. Then she and fellow professional comedian Carly Smallman had a lightbulb moment over a glass of wine and, hey presto, BYOB Comedy was born. 💡🍷💡🍷

Their day-time spectaculars bring together top comedians in child-friendly venues where no-one will judge you for having to pop out to deal with a poonami mid-show. Phew. Over to Alyssa, who’s been kind enough to give us a taster of what’s in store at one of her shows. 

Happity has been recognised by British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold CBE and won prestigious #WOW Award! 🥇🎉👏

We were selected as one of three winners selected by Jacqueline  in her ‘Women on Wednesday’ – a competition launched in 2011 to celebrate the growing number of UK female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Fitting work around family life can be a real struggle. Add in a long, expensive commute, and it can seem like an impossible balancing act. This was the situation Lucy Elkin faced, before she started to work from home.

Lucy went on to found myworkhive, a job-board specialising in remote careers. myworkhive is also a social enterprise, developing free projects to support Mums — and others — to return to work.

Working from home inspired Lucy to start her online business. At Happity our whole team of parents also works flexibly from home, so we’re living proof that remote working can really work. Read on to find out Lucy’s top tips on working from home; and how you can decide whether it could be the flexible solution for you.

Many of your favourite classes and activities will be taking a break for half term. Just as you got into the swing of your weekly routine you’re back to square one with a pre-schooler to entertain. Luckily, we’ve got some fab suggestions on how to save your week with some fabulous alternative activities.  

You can also search Happity for activities that are on during half term using our handy filter to hide the term-time only classes.  However, we always advise checking with providers before setting off to avoid disappointment.

Our current series of Happity Hacks brings you simple, no fuss toddler activities. Way to win back 5 minutes to get stuff done! 👶✍🤳🍲☕ This Happity Hack comes courtesy of Kerry, founder of the very fab and funky Paper Joy.

Alongside her bright and beautiful art prints, Kerry produces colourful and useful paper goods you can print at home, saving you time and money. Kerry has very kindly let us have some fun printable Christmas toddler activities – perfect to achieve a few minutes’ peace and quiet.

In this series of Happity Hacks, our fab contributors recommend their nifty 5 minute toddler activities. Yay – now you can reclaim that precious time to do something else! 👶☕👶🤳

Happity Hack #2 comes courtesy of musician Jude Jagger, whose daughter Ramona loves nothing more than emptying mum’s wallet. Jude suggests how not to lose all your credit cards in the process. Over to Jude…

Madalena Xanthopoulos The Alma Collective
Madalena Xanthopoulos © Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective

When you’ve got a little one, you sometimes need 5 minutes’ peace to get stuff done, whether it’s going to the loo, drinking a cup of tea, or dealing with the laundry mountain. Mum friends are a lifeline for sharing all sorts of useful tips and parenting hacks that make life that bit easier – including toddler activities you can do at home, so you can get on with multitasking!👶☕👶☕

Thanks to the help of some awesome contributors, we’re kicking off our series  of Happity Hacks – simple, genius toddler activities to keep your little one entertained so you can reclaim a bit of precious time for yourself. Some may be obvious, some less so. But they’re low prep and now you can find them all in one place, making it easy as pie* to get 5 mins to yourself whenever you most need it.

Our first contribution is from Madalena Xanthapoulos of the Alma Collective. Her superb idea will not only keep little hands busy and improve fine motor skills, but also results in a handy takeaway snack…

*  Pie. Easy. Really?!