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Posted on 11 Jul, 2020.

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SAVE BABY & TODDLER CLASSES #babyclasspetition

Happity, the UK leading platform helping parents to find and book baby and toddler classes has launched a petition to help parents and provider of 0-5yos get classes back in-person ASAP.

Since before lockdown baby & toddler classes stopped with parents understandably concerned for their families safety. Happity helped thousands of classes go online, but with thousands of summer camps and other businesses able to open again, they are calling on the government to provide clear guidance for the 0-5yo market which so far has been ignored.

But aren’t baby & toddler classes already allowed to run?

YES. Technicallygroups for under-5s are allowed to run – but the big caveat is that it needs to be done safely ‘within guidelines’.

And there are so many guidelines that only a fraction have managed to get back in action so far. A large number say they are nowhere near being ready to return and haven’t even begun to plan.

A response from the government on the petition could significantly improve the operating conditions for baby & toddler classes.

The current guidelines don’t take into account the dynamics of parent-baby pairs, so numbers are unreasonably restricted (e.g. unaccompanied children can participate in bubbles of 15, adults can interact socially in groups of 6 – but a baby group might be just 2 families and a practitioner). It’s also unclear whether any consideration has been given as to whether toddlers need to socially distance(!) (- outside of Scotland at least).

Getting this clarity would benefit everyone – including those who are have already started running their classes now.

Please sign this government petition to take the urgent action that’s needed to save the baby & toddler sector!

Sign it here:

It needs parents and class providers all over the UK to get behind it ASAP – 10k will ensure a government response (yay we smashed that!), 100k will get us a debate in Parliament.

It is asking for:
* Clear guidance for the under-5s sector
* A voucher scheme (or similar) to aid recovery and support parents

Baby groups are a vital lifeline for many parents, and we are facing a prolonged period without them. Many Children’s Centres are not reopening before December – some will not reopen at all.

New mums have been incredibly isolated – and unless classes come back soon, that’s set to continue.

So please sign this petition – and please share. with #babyclasspetition

All the info you need to share is on this post here – including links to letter templates for MPs.

Clear guidance will mean businesses can get back in action – the vast majority cannot even start to plan a return in the current situation.

For the small number that are returning, they are finding that the cost implications of infection control and smaller class sizes will make the sector unaffordable for many.

The potential knock-on impact on perinatal mental health is huge.

** If you care about this issue, please also write and highlight it to your local MPs. **

You can find pre-written letter templates and your local MP here:-…/petition-to-issue-urgent-guida…/

Here’s that petition link again:

Thank you ❤️

About Happity

Created by parents, for parents, Happity is the place to find out what’s happening in your local baby and toddler community – fast. (See what they did there? 😉)

Use Happity to:

Happity is the UK’s biggest platform dedicated exclusively to baby & toddler classes. You can find thousands of online and in-person classes for bumps, babies and toddlers all over the country!

Sign up to their mailing list to hear what’s on near you!

Want to be a part of Happity? Add your activity here.

** If you are an activity provider please join our Facebook group Children’s Activity Provider Community – by Happity (or register at to follow progress on this Petition as we will not be able to contact you via the Gov website **

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11 Jul, 2020

Created by parents, for parents, Happity is the place to find what’s happening in your local baby and toddler community – fast. Happity makes parenting life a little easier, and booking admin for small biz owners a doddle.

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