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Simple Christmas Toddler Activities: Printable Activity Sheets

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Looking for some easy Christmas toddler activities to keep your little one occupied? Look no further!

At this time of year, every parent needs an easy way to keep little ones occupied while they get on with the million and one other tasks we need to get done in the run-up to Christmas!

Here are some simple, no-fuss Christmas toddler activities to keep little ones busy. Ways to win back 5 minutes to get stuff done.

Christmas toddler activities to print out

Image of Christmas Toddler Activities

This Happity Hack comes courtesy of Kerry, founder of the very fab and funky Paper Joy.

Alongside her bright and beautiful art prints, Kerry produces colourful and useful paper goods you can print at home. She helps to save you time and money. Kerry has very kindly let us have some fun printable Christmas toddler activities – perfect to achieve a few minutes’ peace and quiet.

Download and print Kerry’s Christmas creations:

Christmas Toddler Activity Colouring Pages from Paper Joy

Give them to your toddler and let them create a colourful Christmas picture.

Spinout the activity by letting them stick on some cotton wool, sequins, scraps of paper, or glitter to embellish their pictures. Voilà! A Christmas collage to be proud of.

Christmas print outs for parents too!

Kerry also has some fantastic free Christmas printables to help out busy parents too. Whether you’re organising your Christmas menu or your Christmas shopping or want to work your way through a Christmas bucket list – she’s got a printable for you!

Download and print them out to get your Christmas planning on track!

Christmas activities for toddlers

Hassle-free Christmas Toddler activities when you need to keep them occupied

Click the links to find ideas at your fingertips to keep your little ones occupied as you get through the hectic festive period.

There are cute colouring sheets, letters to Santa, little easy makes for toddlers – and much much more.

If you make a Christmas Eve Box for your children, then maybe this is a good idea for you. Print out these colouring sheets, staple them together and add them to your box. It makes for a lovely activity for little ones on the night before Christmas.

If you end up using any of these fabulous print-outs, we’d love to see them! Post them on your Instagram page or Story, tag our page and use the tag #HappityChristmas !

We hope that your children can have fun and that you can have an extra moment of calm with this easy little activity.

From all of us at Team Happity, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 🎄

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