Printable Christmas toddler activities to help you win back 5 minutes

Happity Hacks #3: Printable Christmas Toddler Activities

Try our simple 5 minute Christmas toddler activities to do at home
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Our current series of Happity Hacks brings you simple, no fuss toddler activities. Way to win back 5 minutes to get stuff done! 👶✍🤳🍲☕ This Happity Hack comes courtesy of Kerry, founder of the very fab and funky Paper Joy.

Alongside her bright and beautiful art prints, Kerry produces colourful and useful paper goods you can print at home, saving you time and money. Kerry has very kindly let us have some fun printable Christmas toddler activities – perfect to achieve a few minutes’ peace and quiet.

The Hack

Download and print Kerry’s Christmas creations:

Christmas Toddler Activity Colouring Pages from Paper Joy

Give them to your toddler and let them create a colourful Christmas picture.

Occupy them for an extra few minutes by letting them stick on some cotton wool, scraps of paper, or glitter. Voilà! A Christmas collage to be proud of.

The bonus

Kerry has some fantastic free Christmas printables to help out busy parents too. Whether you’re organising your Christmas menu or your Christmas shopping or want to work your way through a Christmas bucket list – she’s got a printable for you!

Image of printable and craft items
Little ones can colour in the printable or turn it into a Christmas collage
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Paper Joy
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Paper Joy

You can find out more about Kerry’s mission to spread happiness by visiting Paper Joy.

Or say hi to her on Facebook or Instagram.

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