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Hoop app closing – the best alternative apps for reaching parents and marketing children’s classes

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Looking for an alternative to the Hoop app for families? Happity is here to help!

As you may have heard, Hoop announced they are closing the app on 17th July. With such short notice, this has left many parents and providers in the lurch, not knowing where to turn to find and book classes.

There are many things to consider when choosing a new booking system – or marketing platform – for your classes. Whichever platform you choose, it will take some investment of your time even if the listings are free, so it’s important to check if it will meet your needs.

Happity is the only truly integrated platform available in the market. We offer a service that’s comparable to Hoop helping parents to find children’s classes, but we are specifically for the under-5s – and our philosophy is very different.

As a small independent business ourselves, we’ve grown organically by working in partnership with Happity class providers. We’ve always worked hard to do the right thing for small businesses.

We’ve got to where we are because class providers and parents recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Happity reached around 1 in 4 of new parents in London last year, and we are now accepting listings from all parts of the UK. Both the Evening Standard and The Independent picked us as one of their top parenting apps this year. 😊

Over 200,000 parents trust Happity already.

Happity is both a fully-featured booking system and a discovery platform for parents and is now UK-wide.

Unlike the Hoop app, Happity focuses specifically on supporting classes for bumps, babies & toddlers where there’s a real social and community need. We help people through the difficult days of early parenthood, and understand the challenges that face class providers in this sector.

You can meet other small biz owners like you from all over the country in our online Facebook community for free, and join in with our wider campaigns to support mums – and the official government petition to secure clear guidelines for the under-5s sector.

Happity is tailor made for the baby and toddler sector – from sibling tickets, to pro-rated term tickets, and powerful search and mapping features so parents can find exactly the right class for them.

Happity is here to help you grow your business with less effort, and more time for your family.

It’s free to register.

… and only 3% commission on bookings – *inclusive* of VAT.

With all the features you’d expect of your main booking system, Happity helps you fill classes and save time.

We encourage parents to commit to classes longer-term, because we believe it supports their wellbeing, children, and local communities – it’s also better for your business too. Happity makes it easy to manage all the ticket types you need, and it’s affordable to offer block or term tickets too. You can also easily view your sales reports, registers, and even share them with external teacher, so you don’t have to worry about juggling spaces with another booking system. And when you’re not running classes, you don’t pay anything.

But you don’t have to take bookings if you don’t want to!

Many class providers in the under-5s sector prefer to run on a drop-in basis (at least pre-covid), or are part of a larger franchise with it’s own booking system – and that’s OK with us. We’ve designed our model to support you too. 🙂

For classes which need an extra boost now and then, we offer a marketing service that runs like Google Ads on a pay as you go basis. It gets you at the top of Happity search results and into newsletters, and you can use it even if you’re not taking bookings through us.

For charities, and CICs, we also offer a special FREE membership package. Just let us know your details when you register!

Here are some things class providers say about us

Cat, Little Folk Nursery Rhymes

“Listed with Happity and I’ve had 5 bookings in less than 24 hours! Absolutely thrilled!” – Claire, Tappy Toes

“They are really good. Our area manager did months of research before deciding on them and we can’t fault them. Any feedback we offer them too, they always act on.” Happy Hands Club

“Happity team were amazing in helping class providers transition online. They offered technical support as well as lots of other practical advice. I wouldn’t go virtual with Latino Bambino if it wasn’t for them rooting for us and families. Very grateful to Happity!” – Urska, Latino Bambino

“Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. What you and your team are doing is phenomenal.” – Victoria, We Are Footsteps

“It’s been challenging and emotional for many. It could, however have been a much harder journey without you and your wonderful team.” – Nichola, Franchise owner

Happity might ‘just’ be another booking and marketing platform for baby & toddler classes, but we are more than that too. Come join us on our mission to make life better for new parents and small business owners and let’s do this together. 😊

Stay safe & well. ️

Sara, Emily and the Happity Team x

Mum of one, co-founder of Happity, mental health advocate

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