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Why is Mental Health Support important to us at Happity?

Ensuring all parents are supported with regards to their mental health is really important to us here at Happity. This is because Sara struggled with a traumatic birth, and Emily struggled with post-natal depression and anxiety after the birth of her son (you can see some of her posts on Huffington Post).

It was for this reason that she set up MummyLinks, which has now joined up with Happity – so it’s at the heart of what we do. It was key to both of us that helping parents maintain mental health was kept at the forefront of where we are headed with Happity.

Whilst we are not medics, we know first hand what it’s like to struggle and therefore how Happity works is based on our experience and our need to find local support, face-to-face. We have pulled together this resource page to sign-post anyone struggling (or supporting anyone struggling) to find more help.

Post-natal mental health effects 1 in 4 mums (and 1 in 10 dads). Happity isn’t just for parents who struggle in this way, but with so many parents struggling it’s important we all know what to look out for and how to help.

If you need urgent help, please:

  • Talk to your GP, midwife or health visitor
  • Head to A&E or call 999
  • Chat to the Samaritans: 116 123 (for free and won’t appear on your phone bill) 

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health struggles can be different for everyone. Emily created this video, with the help of her MummyLinks community, to help everyone understand what struggling with PND can be like:

And this video provides some insight from those working to help parents struggling:


Emily has written a number of blogs during her MummyLinks times on mental health, and had some great contributers too, please find some of these blogs below:

Where to find more information and support:


The NHS has some guidelines on Post Natal depression including symptoms and how to get help.


The PANDAS Foundation helps, supports advises any parent who is experiencing a perinatal mental illness. They also inform and guide family members, carers, friends and employers as to how they can support someone who is suffering.

Have you seen that girl?

This website, blog and movement is dedicated to raising awareness of Perinatal Mental illness. It provides hope and help for struggling families, and campaigns for better services and support for all.

Mum of one, co-founder of Happity, mental health advocate

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