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Maternal Mental Health

#ShoutieSelfie 2020 Initiators!

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Are you ready to do something amazing?

This year #ShoutieSelfie is for everyone struggling with the isolation Covid-19 has resulted in.

To join me, and the many charities and organisations getting involved with #ShoutieSelfie please:

  1. Take a selfie of you shouting
  2. Post it from Wednesday 15th April with the official message – see below

Official Wording

Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin

REMEMBER – copy the entire message below down to the hashtags so instructions are sent on

This is my #ShoutieSelfie! I’m shouting about mental health because I love someone who has / is struggling with depression, anxiety or another mental health issues. This is so important during this time of isolation as loneliness can increase the risk of mental health struggles.

[Insert why you are supporting if you’d like to.]

If you need support, please head to happity.co.uk/pnd-support.

Please show your support by:

  1. Taking a selfie of you shouting
  2. Posting it with this entire message incl. hashtags (updated to include your personal story/reasons for supporting if you fancy!), and tagging 5 friends to show you are here to chat if they need to. Tag @HappityApp for shares and to join the 2020 Hall of Fame.
  3. It would be great if you could pop the link (bit.ly/ShoutieSelfie) in your bio on IG so that those who see your post can get help there if they need to.

For more info on #ShoutieSelfie head to bit.ly/ShoutieSelfie

Let’s do something great!

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This is my #ShoutieSelfie because I love someone who has / is struggling with their #mentalhealth. This is so important during isolation. Please join @HappityApp in supporting those struggling by copying this post with selfie, tagging 5 friends. Info: bit.ly/ShoutieSelfie.


Emily x

Mum of one, co-founder of Happity, mental health advocate

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