Spotlight on Becky Gilbert – Founder of Rumpuspuss Jigsaws

Posted on 9 Jul, 2019.

Here at Happity HQ we love to shout about great new products for little people! This week we’re shining a light on Becky who is the founder of Rumpuspuss – creators of unique personalised wooden jigsaws. After spending many hours making fun jigsaws from paper with her little one, she hit upon a great idea and as they say the rest is history!!

Rumpuspuss jigsaws are beautifully designed, laser cut and crafted from wood. The website allows you to preview your own personal jigsaw before purchase, with a different selection of illustrations for each child’s name.

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We caught up with Becky to find out how she got started and went from idea to launch.

Hi Becky! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Becky and I am the creator of Rumpuspuss. I make beautifully illustrated personalised jigsaws for children where their name features in both the illustration and the shape of the pieces, so it is integral to solving the puzzle. I live in Bristol with my husband, 2 children (6 & 4) and 3 cats. I’m originally a Lancashire lass, but have been in Bristol for 15 years.

Why did you start your business?

Rumpuspuss came about after I discovered that my eldest child, then aged 3, delighted in finding anything with his name on. He also loved jigsaws. After spending many hours of my maternity leave cutting his name out of paper from the recycling pile and making our own jigsaws, I had the beginnings of an idea.

I went back to the job that I had been in for 13 years, and realised that it was no longer for me. I was an epidemiologist, working in cancer research. My research had hit a brick wall, and I realised that I no longer had the love for the job that is needed. I desperately wanted to give “the jigsaw idea” a go, so I handed in my notice to see if I could make it into a business.

What is the best thing about having your own business?

The best thing is that it has provided an outlet for creativity. I have always had crafty projects on the go, I sew, knit and crochet, and love making things for the kids. I haven’t written anything that wasn’t sciencey since my A-levels (I did maths at uni) so I am really enjoying reawakening parts of me that I had forgotten I had. I love the flexibility too. World Book Day costume? No problem*. School event? I’m there. Sick child? I can collect them straight away. I have also met some brilliant people who I never would have crossed paths with otherwise. The small business community is fantastically supportive and interesting.

* My husband might dispute “no problem” after being forced to help me sew wolf ears onto headbands until nearly midnight the night before Halloween…

… and what are the biggest struggles?

The biggest struggle is also one of the best things – that everything comes back to me. All decisions, all responses, all of the things that I am no good at…. It is a steep learning curve, and I love it, but sometimes it would be so nice to delegate. After 13 years as a researcher, I can over-research anything as a form of procrastination. Not having anyone to answer to, and only self-imposed deadlines, means that I can disappear down a rabbit hole. I have to remind myself that good enough is good enough, and that usually there is no “right” decision – getting something done is more important than making no decision.

Finally, who is your Happity Hero – a baby or toddler class you always recommend?

When my eldest was little, baby groups were a saviour for me. I was so tired that leaving the house was a struggle, but having somewhere to go to where people were in the same boat was great. Sing and Sign was interesting as my son really picked up on it and used it to communicate with us. I really enjoyed Creation Station too – babies and paint, brilliantly messy. Once they were a bit older, they joined a local gymnastics class which has been fab for them. My eldest does aikido now. My youngest is too little but I suspect will want to join in as soon as she is old enough.

About Rumpuspuss

I make beautifully illustrated and beautifully made personalised puzzles for young children. Our jigsaws transport the child to a magical land where their own name – features in clever whimsy pieces – is integral to solving the puzzle. Each one is printed and cut, on demand, by me in Bristol.

Follow Becky and Rumpusspuss on:
Instagram: @rumpuspuss
Facebook: @rumpuspuss
Email: [email protected]

9 Jul, 2019

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