9 super summer crafts for kids

9 super summer crafts for kids

From a super cool ice lolly creation station to the cutest handprint blooms here are some super summer crafts for kids.

1. Button trees

An absorbing summer craft that will keep little ones busy for ages. Paint a tree trunk on their sheet of paper in brown paint. Then your child can glue down lots of colourful buttons to make the leaves/blossom. You can buy jars of brightly coloured buttons very cheaply at craft shops or online.

2. Lolly creation station

summer crafts lollipops

Set up a little creation station for your child to design their own ice lollies. Cut out shapes for the lollies from card and then put together a selection of craft items to decorate. These could include buttons, mini pom-poms, little rectangles of card and ‘sprinkles’ made from tiny pieces of snipped card. Finish with wooden lolly sticks. This is not only a lovely summer craft but creates an opportunity for imaginative play too.

3. Colourful caterpillars

Cut lots of little circles from sheets of foam (or card) and ask your child to arrange them into a pattern and stick them together to make their caterpillar. They can either glue on googly eyes or draw on eyes and smile with a Sharpie. Cut a leaf shape from green card for your little caterpillars to sit on.

4. Summer craft for kids – Happy hand flowers

This is a lovely activity to do with a group. but you can also make much smaller pictures if you are just doing it with your child. Paint hands with bright coloured paint and make hand prints on a sheet of paper. Then use a paintbrush to make the green stalks. You can print as many flowers as you like. You can then print with forks and sponges to make lots of smaller flowers and grass. The result is a super cheery summer scene.

5. Little sponge sailing boats

A quick and easy way to make little sailing boats for the paddling pool (or bath!). Just cut sponges to your desired shape. Make a sail from card and a cocktail stick and pop it in place. A lovely summer craft for kids.

6. A hand full of blooms

summer crafts handprint flowers

Pinnies on and tablecloths down as this one’s a bit messy! But – it’s great fun too. Paint your child’s hand in a nice bright colour and help them print it onto a sheet of paper or card. Repeat to make lots of overlapping handprints (like in the picture above). Complete your bunch of flowers by painting stalks a little heart and ribbon details.

7. Bugs and bunnies

Don’t throw out those toilet roll tubes! Repurpose them to make these gorgeous bugs and bunnies. First paint your tubes and then add details with card. You can add googly eyes and pom pom noses too. There are a few different ideas here but your child can use their imagination to create their own critters.

8. Summer craft for kids – Cute cows

We love this little make. Again start with an empty toilet roll tube. Fold down both sides at one end to make the ear shape. Then paint with white paint. Add a bob of pink for the nose and black spots. Then complete with googly eyes and a little tail from card.

9. Animal planters

A perfect summer craft for kids. Let your child create their own little plant pot. These start out in life as milk cartons or empty plastic bottles. Carefully cut the bottom from your carton (make sure an adult does this bit!). You can cut out some ears too to make an animal planter. Then your child can paint their planters and add details, such as the eyes and nose, whiskers and any other patterns they like!

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9 easy Easter crafts for toddlers

9 easy Easter crafts for toddlers

Easy peasy Easter crafts for toddlers that you’d be hopping mad not to try!

With Easter just around the corner we’ve put together some super cute makes for little ones. From cheery chicks to little bunnies. All made from things you’re likely to have in the house (or can buy really easily from craft stores or supermarkets)

Have fun!

Little egg box bunnies

Easter Craft For Toddlers - Egg Box Bunnies

These little bunnies would look gorgeous placed on top of boiled eggs at your Easter breakfast table. To make them cut out the egg holders from an egg box. Paint them white, grey or brown (acrylic paint covers really well). We cut the bunny ears from the pointy bits of the egg box and glued them to the back. We then added some finishing touches to our rabbits by sticking on googly eyes, a pom-pom nose and drawing on mouths and whiskers.

Cheery chicks

Easter craft - cheery chicks

We love these cheery chicks! Cut an oblong out of card. Your toddler can have great fun covering it by sticking on yellow feathers. We picked up a pack from The Works for £1! If you don’t have feathers then they could stick on scrunched up balls of yellow tissue paper instead. Once your chick is covered cut out little shapes for the beak and feet and glue them in place, popping on some googly eyes to finish.

Pretty printed flowers

Pretty printed flowers

This is such a fun way to print some cheery spring time flowers. Make lots of cuts (about 3-4cm long) along one end of a toilet roll or kitchen roll tube. Then fold back all the cut lines so that they fan out (see photo). Now for the fun bit! Your toddler can dip the flower ‘printers’ in paint and print onto a piece of paper or card. They can keep printing with different colours to make a lovely flower shape. To finish we painted the centres of our flowers in yellow.

Chirpy chickens

Easter crafts toilet roll chicks

We love how characterful these little chicks are! To make them we folded down both sides of the top of a toilet roll to make a curved shape. Then painted the tube yellow. And to finish we glued on googly eyes, yellow feather wings and a little beak cut out from orange card. Your toddler might have all sorts of different ideas to decorate their little chick.

Tissue mosaic Easter eggs

Tissue mosaic Easter egg craft for kids

This is a really simple and calming craft for little ones. Cut egg shaped from card and cut lots of little squares of tissue paper. Then your little one can spend a happy crafternoon sticking down the tissue to the egg, overlapping each square. Once they have finished decorating their egg and it is dry you can trim round the edges to neaten it up. These make pretty Easter cards or even Easter bunting if you make enough!

Funny bunny masks

Easter craft for toddlers funny bunny mask

Draw your mask on a piece of card and then cut it out. Cut out two large holes for your toddler to be able to look through. Then you can let your little one loose to decorate their funny bunny mask. They could cover their bunny face with little squares of white tissue paper, white pom-poms or cotton wool balls or even white feathers. Add a pom-pom for the nose. You can add elastic so that your toddler can wear their mask and hop about!

Easter crafts for toddlers: Hatching chicks

Easter craft - chick hatching from egg

How cute are these little hatching chicks? We used corrugated card to make ours but plain card works too. Carefully break an egg shell so that you are left with the bottom half. Then take a strip of card and roll it into a tube – the right size to fit inside your egg shell. Cut out shapes for the wings, beak and feathers. Then stick all the little details on to your hatching chick. You could also make pom-poms from yellow wool and use them as the chick’s body instead. Then stick on googly eyes and feathers to decorate.

“Handy” Easter greetings cards

What a lovely card for your toddlers to give to a family member! Simply get your toddler to draw around their hand on a piece of (either coloured or white) card towards either the left or right of it. Fold over the card in half close to wear they have drawn around their thumb, and cut around the shape. Then, get your little ones to create their own cute little animal and hey presto! You have your very own “handy” Easter card!

A cup full of “hoppiness”- easy Easter bunny chocolate cup

A lovely little friend to keep your toddler’s chocolate treats in. All you will need is a cheap paper cup, some white and pink card, some child-friendly glue, toddler-safe scissors and a black pen for the eyes (Or googly eyes if you have them!) Cut out two ovals on white card, two slightly smaller ovals on pink card, and then some extra pieces for the features, and glue it all on! This is one of the Easter crafts for toddlers that can make some good practice for developing some of your child’s motor skills -even if all they can manage right now is sticking the features on the cup. And the end result will help them feel chuffed with making a useful little friend that stores all their sweet treasure inside!

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9 easy and adorable nature crafts for kids

9 easy and adorable nature crafts for kids

Spring is just around the corner and to get you in the mood we’ve put together some quick and easy nature crafts for kids. These are all two activities in one as you can spend a happy time collecting leaves and petals, sticks and pebbles on a nature walk. Then you can spend a happy afternoon crafting and making activities from your treasures.

Have fun!

1. Nature crafts for kids -Little leaf animals

Leaves arranged to make animals

Gather a bunch of leaves on a walk. Try and find leaves of all sorts of shapes and sizes and pick up any little pine cones, flowers and seeds that you can find too. When you get home, challenge your child to arrange the leaves on a sheet of paper to make an animal.

Let them make their own imaginary animals or monsters if they want to! They might like to use pens, paint or googly eyes to add extra details.

2. Lovely leaf printing

Nature crafts for kids - Leaves being painted and printed

Pour out some paint onto a paper plate (or into little bowls) and ask your child to paint the underside of a leaf – covering every thing, including the stalk. Then ask them to place their leaf, painty side down, onto a sheet of paper and press it firmly. When they lift it off they should see a beautiful leaf print! They can make as many leaf prints as they like. They might want to try using more than one colour on each leaf to see what effects that makes too.

3. Nature crafts for kids – Fork print florals

Fork printed flowers

Printing with forks can make the most beautiful spring flower paintings. Just dip the back of a fork (we used wooden forks) into paint and print on a piece of paper or card. Single fork prints look a bit like tulips. Or a circle of fork prints look like daisies or gerbera! We painted the centres of our flowers and added stalks with green paint too.

4. Swirly whirly sticks

Nature crafts for toddlers - swirly ribbon stick

This is a really simple make that little ones will love playing with.

Find some nice sticks on a walk and gather some ribbons (you could also use strips of tissue paper or strips of fabric). Tie them to one end of the stick to make a swirly whirly wand that toddlers can hold. They will have hours of run running about the garden or park waving their swirly sticks and coming up with all sorts of imaginative play.

5. Nature hanging window frames

Nature window frames

Give your child a basket or small bag and ask them to gather lots of different leaves and flowers on a walk or from the garden. Cut round pieces of card and punch a hole in the top. Now your child can stick their nature treasures all over the cardboard frame to make a pretty picture. Thread some ribbon or string though the punched hole to hang in front of a window.

6. Nature crafts for kids – Painted pebble friends

Painted pebbles

Why not let your children paint their own little pebble friends?

They can simply paint them with different colours and patterns (try giving them cotton buds to print dots over a painted background). Or they can make them into rainbows or faces or even animals. You can varnish your pebble friends once the paint is dry by brushing on a coat of watered down PVA glue. This makes them nice and shiny and makes the colours pop.

7. I spy nature walk

Nature crafts for kids - I Spy Nature walk

Turn a walk into a treasure hunt with these adorable I-Spy Nature Walk printables.

Your toddler can tick off each thing they spot along the way, making an everyday walk much more fun. We’ve made I-Spy sheets for a nature walk as well as a walk along the streets.

8. Messy mud kitchen

Nature crafts for kids - messy mud kitchen play

Remember making mud pies as a child? It’s just so much fun. Embrace a bit of mess and mud and set up a mud kitchen for your child to explore.

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just pop some bowls, spoons, baking trays, sieves – any kitchen equipment that is either old or can easily be washed – onto a bench or table. Or even just on the path or patio. You could set up bowls of shells, pebbles, grass, flowers and seeds too. Add a bowl of water and a small jug to pour. And let your child make mud pies and potions and squish and stir to their heart’s content.

9. Easy peasy bird feeder

Don’t forget your feathered friends! Little ones will not only love helping you to make and hang bird feeders but will then wait with excitement to spy who comes to visit them.

A really easy way to make a bird feeder is to cut and orange in half and cut out the flesh. Make holes in four sides (at the compass points) with a fat needle and thread one piece of string along one diameter (through the two holes that line up) and one piece of string through the other two holes. Your strings will cross over (as shown in the first photo). Tie the ends of the strings but, for now, keep them hanging down. You can fill your bird feeder with a mix of seed and either lard or peanut butter. Then bring the strings up to the top and hang in the garden.

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A-Z – Activity and craft ideas for toddlers

A childhood friend of mine, Emma, who is a wife, mumma, dramatherapist and home-maker has created an amazing A-Z of ideas to keep littlies entertained during lockdown. She has been posting them on her personal Facebook but knowing how much we all need inspiration I asked if she would be happy for us to share them as posts and a blog and she was more than happy to!

She describes this A-Z as “finding was to keep my little ones (and myself) entertained during lockdown; currently through creating an alphabet themed activity box for my daughter to find each morning.”

I think you’ll agree with us, that they are amazing inspiration and she has done a great job!

If you try any of them out, please do tag us on Instagram (@happity.co.uk) and we will share! We would love to see you and your littlies having a great time! Do tag Emma too (@nesting.in.hope)!

Over to Emma!

Hi I’m Emma; Wife, Mumma of two and Dramatherapist. 

As a Dramatherapist (creative form of psychotherapy) I work primarily with children, adolescents and their families, specialising in trauma, attachment and emotional/behavioural issues. 

I’ve been on maternity leave for the past year and as lockdown set in and my own mum became poorly with Covid19 I found motivation levels to parent took a dip. Creating a daily alphabet themed activity box for my daughter to find each morning helped install a spark back into parenting and made life at home easier. I hope some of these ideas help you too. 


1) Choose activities that you want to do so you’re excited to do it with your child. Some parents love arts and crafts, for others getting messy is a parenting nightmare. Make it fit you and your family. 

2) If your child chooses to disengage in an activity you spent time preparing try doing it yourself, I promise it will leave you feeling less downhearted, give you a boost and might even convince your little one it’s more fun than they originally thought. 

A is for…

Painting APPLES with icing & decorating them with sprinkles ready for snack time, doing APPLE paint printing, having a paper AEROPLANE competition in the garden whilst dressed up as one ourselves, making an AMBULANCE to play in & saving lots of peoples lives (including a toy helicopter and a duck doorstop) and going on an ANT hunt on our daily walk, which started with one very ANGRY toddler who had been refused an icecream & ended with an ANNOYED mum as the toddler then woke the baby!

B is for…

Celebrating my goddaughter’s BIRTHDAY over Zoom, painting with BUBBLE-wrap, making BUNNY shaped BISCUITS & a BIRD feeder out of a coconut & (my favourite of the week) an indoor BEAR Hunt using the story as inspiration for some imaginative and sensory role play.

C is for…

Changing the names of a game to ‘what’s the time Mr CROCODILE’, writing/posting a CARD to someone we miss, growing CRESS in emotion themed egg cups we had painted, making a paper chain CATERPILLAR, pretending to build a CASTLE to live in & then packing our bag to go pretend CAMPING. 

D is for …

Helping Mummy lead a DRAMATHERAPY Zoom session, DANCE competitions, DRAGON craft, playing DOCTORS with teddies, hiding toy dinosaurs around the house for a DINOSAUR hunt & squeezing in DAISY chain making once the rain stopped. 


E is for…

ELEPHANT hand prints, bringing EASTER back for EGG hunts in the garden & chocolate nest making, small world play using her EMERGENCY vehicles & dressing up as ELSA to dance, sing and watch Frozen. 

F is for…

FIREMAN and FAIRY-themed obstacle courses, FISHING games, making a FROG and FOX out of paper plates and collecting FLOWERS on our walk to make ‘nature FACES’ back at home. 

G is for…

Making a GUITAR out of cardboxes, sticking GOOGLEY eyes to objects to make them come to life and eating popcorn in front of The GREATEST SHOWMAN

H is for…

Pretend HORSE showjumping in the garden, playing HAIRDRESSERS, drawing around our arms to send a HUG to someone in the post and creating a HOPSCOTCH obstacle course with chalk for our neighbourhood to have some silly fun with.

I is for…

Rescuing a toy duck from a block of ICE, playing ICECREAM shops and then making some to eat from a frozen banana, playing the party game of Musical ISLANDS and ICING gingerbread men.

J is for…

Using a pillowcase for a JUMPING sack race, decorating a JEWELLERY box, making JELLYFISH out of egg cartons, setting strawberry-shaped JELLIES to eat (which I only remembered were still in the fridge when feeding Hudson at 2am!) and acting out the story of JACK and the Beanstalk (where Lila decided we had to socially distance ourselves from the giant because “all the people getting poorly” 🤣 found a fire in the castle that Jack had to put out and then cut the giant – not the beanstalk – up at the end; vicious!)

K is for…

Making a KING crown and then a KITE which we attempted to fly in a local field, KISSING a piece of paper with lipstick on (Daddy ‘enjoyed’ getting involved too), changing the song name of ‘hop little bunny’ to be a KANGAROO instead and helping mummy clean the KITCHEN – win win! 

L is for…

Drinking homemade LEMONADE, hiding the letters of LILA’s name around the house for her to find and then hang up in order on a washing line, making LADYBIRD cupcakes, playing LORRY ‘Pooh Sticks’ (waving at them as they travel under a bridge from one side to the other) and collecting LEAVES on our way home to put in order from LITTLEST to LARGEST.

M is for…

Playing the MEMORY tray game (guessing which object is missing), making MUD hot chocolate, paint-printing using silver foil to create a MOON and finishing the week with an obstacle course that featured waving a MAGIC wand at MONSTERS in a cave, feeding a baby MEDICINE and pretending to be a MONKEY and a MOUSE 🤦‍♀️🤣)

N is for…

N is for going on a NATURE hunt around the garden, making play-dough NATURE bird NESTS, making animal NOSES out of egg cups and paper plates, dressing up to play NURSES, making and eating chocolate Easter NESTS, opening our own NAIL salon and playing pin the NOSE on the snowman.

O is for…

O for running as fast as we can for an OSTRICH race, having a strop in a homemade OCTOPUS costume during a game of tickle-tag because Lila wanted to be a tiger not an octopus, obviously print painting using ORANGES, making a hand printed OWL picture and going on a colour scavenger hunt for everything ORANGE we could find. 

P is for…

P is for making PIRATE handprints and a PASTA necklace, making homemade PIZZA’S for a PICNIC lunch, role playing POSTMAN PAT and pretending to be PENGUINS by sliding down the water slip and slide on our tummy’s, and making a Mr POTATO head using a real potato and bits we could find in the fridge. 

Q is for…

Q is for making QUEEN handprints and using them to put on a puppet-show, doing a toddler friendly QUIZ, painting using Q-tips (earbuds to us in England), making a QUILT for a soft toy bunny using wrapping paper offcuts and playing the QUICK/slow game where you run really fast or move really slow around the garden when they are shouted out. 

R is for…

R is for doing RUB drawings using leaves, getting messy making footprint ROCKETS, collecting flowers to make a RAINBOW, using masking tape as a ROAD for car play (which Lila had limited interest in, but Daddy had lots of fun with after work) and hysterical giggles on a virtual ROLLERCOASTER ride whilst sat in an Amazon delivery box on Daddy’s lap (Mummy also got to have a turn, and broke the box 🤣). 

S is for…

S is for blowing bubbles using a SOCK snake, making a SNOWMAN out of kinetic SAND, going on a SCAVENGER hunt around our village, blow painting with STRAWS, using ourselves as counters in a giant SNAKES and ladders game and doing a SCIENCE experiment of SINK or float.

T is for…

T is for painting bread using milk mixed with food colouring to then TOAST for a snack, decorating a TREASURE box, walking a TIGHT-rope in the garden, making a cup TELEPHONE, having a TEDDY bears picnic and brushing giant TEETH (my maddest idea yet, but Lila genuinely loved brushing pesto sauce out of yogurt pot teeth 🤣!) 

U is for…

U is for playing UNICORN hair salons and having a UNICORN obstacle course, making an UMBRELLA from a paper plate, having phone conversations with her UNCLES and hilarious laughter over milking a pretend cow’s UDDER (washing up gloves with holes in the fingers). 

V is for…

V is for laughing hysterically whilst making talking-chin VIDEOS, flower arranging into a VASE, painting using toy VEHICLE tyres and taking them to a pretend car wash after, screaming in excitement at an exploding VOLCANO science experiment, making music using our VELCRO shoes and playing a silly game we named VULTURE scavenging where Lila had to search for her snack around the garden and pick it up using her mouth. 

W is for…

W is for WATER play using guttering, making fairy WINGS using cardboard, sellotape and fresh flowers she picked, making a WORM house, playing a WEATHER themed game where Lila had to get dressed as quickly as possible in different outfits depending what weather I shouted out, throwing pennies into a pretend WISHING WELL, helping mummy make a pretty front door WREATH and joining daddy before bedtime for his WORKOUT. 

X is for…

X is for making a XYLOPHONE out of loo rolls and later playing a water XYLOPHONE, pretend play of ‘going to the hospital for an X-RAY’ and playing X-marks the spot where Lila had a map of the garden and had to stand in the location I marked the X with – this game was a hit and went on for weeks after. 

Y is for…

Y is for going on a YELLOW scavenger hunt around the house, making YOGURT paint – which meant it was safe for Hudson to paint with/eat, making rainbow frozen YOGURT, using the empty YOGURT pots to make a pull-a-long snake and a ball-in-a-cup game and playing with a giant YO-YO made from paper plates. 

Z is for…

Z is for making a ZEBRA using a paper plate, setting up a small-world ZOO using playmobile and cereal as textured flooring on a tuff tray, making Z shaped biscuits for a Z themed tea party with her Z named friend Zanna, having the ZOO visit her at home using Google 3D and making music using her coat ZIP. 

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