The war in Ukraine: What you can do to help

The war in Ukraine: What you can do to help

The world feels like a very heavy place right now. We all watched in shock as the news broke that Putin had invaded and started a war in Ukraine. As tensions mount and casualties worsen many of us are wondering what we can do to help.

Here are some things you can do to help:

Donate to charities helping people in Ukraine

There are a number of charities who are providing aid, supplies and support to the people of Ukraine. Many are accepting donations to help them further their work. Donating is one way you can help.

Here are some of the charities accepting online donations:

  • British Red Cross – The Red Cross is working to support people in Ukraine in this desperate time of need. Your donation could help people in Ukraine get food, water, shelter, medicine and first aid. Find out more and how to donate here.
  • Sunflower of Peace – Fundraising to provide medical and humanitarian aid that will be used by doctors and paramedics in the areas affected by the violence in Ukraine. Your donation could help them distribute medicine, first aid backpacks and medical instruments.
  • United Help Ukraine – Providing medical and humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine, affected by the attacks. Their work includes donating food and medical supplies to Ukraine refugees. Find out more and how to donate.
  • UNICEF – Working to help and support children in Ukraine, since the conflict began 8 years ago. They are especially concerned for the safety and wellbeing of children who have become separated from their families. Right now they are continuing to support children and families in Ukraine, providing food and clean water and working round the clock to keep families safe. You can donate here.
  • International Rescue Committee – Helping Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes. Your donation can help them provide families with warm blankets, a cookstove so that they can prepare hot meals and a refugee kit filled with essential supplies.
  • #HelpUkraineEmergencyAppeal – Working with accredited and registered Ukrainian charities to provide medicines, food and critical services to support the most vulnerable to overcome the consequences and trauma of war. Find out how to donate here.
  • Voice Of Children – A charity in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine who provide support (both practical and psychological) to children who have been caught up in the conflict or separated from their families. Right now they are providing emergency psychological support to children who have witnessed violence and they are helping families move away from the eastern regions of Ukraine. You can donate here.

Donate clothes and items locally

Drop off points are being organised across the UK for people to donate clothes and other items for new arrivals who have fled the Ukraine to a new country. Over 100,000 refugees have crossed the Ukraine border into Poland already. And Polish organisations in the UK are organising collections to help. The White Eagle Club on Balham High Road in London are asking for donations of items they can sort and ship over to Poland. You can donate items such as clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries and nappies. They need volunteers to sort through donations too. Check your local news outlets and social media to find out if any donation points have been set up in your area.

War in Ukraine - mother hugging a worried child

How to help your child if they are worried about the war in Ukraine

Your child might well have seen things on the news or heard things in the playground about the war in Ukraine and be worrying about what it means. Schools will be talking to children in an age-appropriate way about the conflict. But they still might be worrying.

Ignoring or avoiding the topic could lead to your child feeling more anxious or scared. But it can be hard to know how to talk to your child about a situation, which is very serious and which also makes you anxious and afraid too.

Save the Children has put together some really useful advice on how to talk to your child about the situation in Ukraine. Their tips include:

  • Making time to talk to and really listen to your child
  • Validating their feelings. You can restate what they are telling you they are feeling by saying things like ‘You are feeling very scared right now’. That way they know that their feelings have not been dismissed and are being listened to.
  • Making sure that you talk to them in a way that is appropriate to their age.
  • Reassuring them that adults across the world are working really hard to help and sort out the situation.
  • Giving them practical ways to help. Older children might like to make drawings about hoping for peace, for example.

Here are the tips from Save the Children about how to talk to your child about the war in Ukraine.

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Team Happity, baby and toddler classes devotees, meet!

Team Happity, baby and toddler classes devotees, meet!

Lockdown has been a rough time for everyone, especially mothers, families, and those providing baby & toddler classes. However, during these trying times, Happity has stayed hopeful. We have remained passionate and driven in pushing for the importance of baby classes.

Our fully remote working team has gone from strength to strength as we’ve welcomed more and more members into the family. What started off as a small support team has now grown with new faces bringing renewed energy to help spread the Happity name.

But, despite having been running since 2017, only a few of us had actually met in person! That is until recently…

Where did Happity, and it’s passion for baby and toddler classes, begin?

Co-founders Emily and Sara set up the company as mothers themselves. Both understand the struggles that mothers go through with PND and the loneliness.

Both have had previous successful careers. Emily is a former employee at innocent smoothies and Sara is a former employee at BBC Radio One. But, the two of them were united (and we are so glad they were!) through their joint passions.

What was their mutual drive? To simultaneously help parents learn how to maintain their mental wellness while also providing an easy place to find baby classes. And, thus, Happity was born!

To read more about Emily and Sara’s stories, click here!

Who is in our team?

Happity has welcomed many more likeminded individuals with the same ambition to help mothers through these difficult times. With this they have welcomed many members!

Nicola, the social media star (and a mother of two fully grown daughters) with a creative minds that has no bounds. Lisa, a mother and a true people person with a whimsical delightful aura. Sophie, a mother and a master of advertisement. Andy, a father and a tech wizard capable of several technical feats.

And then we also have our great team of young kickstarters!

Alex, a mother and an Admin superstar who can dot the i’s and cross the t’s like no other. Leanne, Happity’s very own Bard, except instead of writing epic poems like Homer, she focuses on epic blogs. Jack, a marketing muse who brings his own creative flare to the marketing team.

Kayleigh; a zestful mind with a great passion for the work she does. And we recently gained a new member to our team: Adelayo! She will be Andy’s assistant in the challenging world of tech support. She has a great passion for coding and can’t wait to get stuck into the new tasks Happity has planned for her.

This has become known as the Happity family, and as you can tell, it will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.

The Happity team- toothy and elated to be together in person for the first time!

Team training (in person!)

Only a few of us had actually met before. With coronavirus having still been a risk, we haven’t had the chance to, until now!

The opportunity to meet each other finally arrived on the 10th of August. Thanks to Lockdown restrictions being lifted we were able to celebrate Happity Day as a collective. We still remained vigilant however, each taking lateral flow tests beforehand to make sure we were preventing any potential spread.

The day started off with a team building exercise run by Sara. We looked at how we can better utilise our work time. This then led into a little quiz in which we were able to identify what type of workers we all were.

The results ranged from the prioritiser, to the planner and others such as the visualiser. This fun little quiz helped to give the team a better idea of how each of us works best and how we can better work together. (You can find out your own personality type here!)

Mental wellness with the baby and toddler classes crew

After putting our brains on full blast with the team building, we then took the opportunity to put them on ice as we went into a group yoga session to give us all an insight into the feeling of a clear mind and a method to relax. This involved a 10-minute meditation period, listening to guide talk us through the way we can engage our muscles and connect with our body while lying effortlessly on the floor.

After a glorious looking lunch, which Emily had generously provided for us along with a glass of prosecco each, it was Emily’s turn to run a training session.

Emily conducted a session that helped us evaluate our own self worth and what we all value in our lives. As a trained life coach, she helped us to better grasp our aims and how we can all individually better ourselves through our day to day lives.

This would help us to gauge the values that Happity as a company also holds dear; through its commitment to helping with the mental wellbeing of all its clients.

It’s not all fun and games working for Happity… Apart from when it is!

(From Left to Right) Lisa, Kayleigh and Emily from Happity (Baby and Toddler Classes site) stand as mini golf victors!

With the ‘work’, done it was time for the challenging part… Crazy golf!

All of us raced up to the golf course for a horse racing themed extravaganza. There were highs, there were laughs and there were miseries as we all realised that none of us were as good at golf as we had once thought.

At the end of the day Kayleigh was the official winner, yet all of us had a greater sense of victory.

We had come together on a lovely day to celebrate the work we had done and the company that we had grown to become accustomed to on what turned out to be a unforgettable Happity Day.

We had such a lovely day. And we’ve actually put a reel together showing you the best bits! Check it out here – and be sure to leave us a like and a comment!

Would you like to join our award winning baby and toddler classes team?

If our team sounds like a group that you would like to be a part of, then here’s some good news: you could be! We have some great opportunities within Happity ready and waiting to be filled.

If you are aged 16-24, and are on Universal Credit, then check out our opportunities here. If you’re 24 or over, check out our opportunities here!

Hopefully this will be the first of many Happity days for us to share!

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New beginnings for Happity & MummyLinks!

New beginnings for Happity & MummyLinks!

Two apps, two female founders and one united mission – joining together to address maternal mental health

2nd September 2019 marks the start of pre and postnatal depression awareness week. It also marks the start of new beginnings for Happity!

Happity is merging with the hugely supportive community of MummyLinks app – and the founder Emily Tredget, is coming on board to join Sara Tateno officially as co-founder of Happity.

As mums, we’ve each experienced struggles with new parenthood – Emily suffered postnatal depression and anxiety, and Sara had a traumatic birth.

We both realised that getting out of the house day by day, forming new friendships and having ongoing support in our local communities, was critical in helping us get through that period. And we were each driven to find a way to make life less lonely for the new parents following us, supporting maternal mental health by doing so.

About Us

Sara with her family in the park
Sara Tateno,
Founder of Happity

Sara created Happity to make it quick and easy to find local baby playgroups and classes. It aims to help parents escape from the house – whether booking in advance, or at the last minute. It was a problem she’d been so frustrated with, that she re-trained as a web developer to build the site. Read more about Sara’s story.

Emily Tredget
founder of MummyLinks

Emily created MummyLinks as a safe space for mums to meet. It allows approved mums to create local playdates and meet up in real life. She has campaigned tirelessly over the past 3 years to raise awareness of maternal mental health issues, appearing on national news and running the hugely successful #ShoutieSelfie social media campaign each year. Read more about Emily’s story.

Why are we merging?

Bringing MummyLinks and Happity together marks a momentous step in our two parallel journeys. We have a strong shared vision and mission. We share the same values and care passionately about the type of organisation we’re building.

As mums, we’re striving to create a truly flexible workplace that employs talented people. We operate ethically and put people first in a world where tech startups are often encouraged to pursue profit above all else.

Together we will enable you to meet other parents and build your local community through both playdates and playgroups – something that sadly didn’t exist when we became new mums ourselves.

What happens next?

For now, you’ll continue to have access to all the brilliant resources from both Happity and MummyLinks, but you can expect to see new content and updates to the Happity website shortly! We’ll be moving over a lot of the mental health support content from MummyLinks to here.

We’re also launching a new Happity mobile app, and over time incorporate all the great features of MummyLinks too.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported each of us on our journey to date and hope you’ll continue to join us along this mission!

We’re excited for what the future holds. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Sara & Emily x

To find and book a class or activity near you:

For PND support and info, visit MummyLinks:

Watch these videos to hear more about why we are joining forces…

Sara, Co-Founder of Happity

WOW award for Happity!

WOW award for Happity!

Happity has been recognised by British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold CBE and won prestigious #WOW Award!

We were selected as one of three winners selected by Jacqueline  in her ‘Women on Wednesday’ – a competition launched in 2011 to celebrate the growing number of UK female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. (more…)