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“Hey, the power of Facebook means I’m seeing the amazing progression you’re making with MummyLinks and it’s so inspiring.
Also thank you for having the courage to share your post about anxiety. If I’m totally honest I was surprised by it. I know you as an incredibly independent confident women and I assumed that pnd was a ‘short term’ thing – ie months. Thank you for sharing and educating me and others. I’m not around many mums but having this knowledge means that I might be better able to support someone in future and be aware for myself when the time comes.
Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations on turning something tough into something positive.”

“I’ve met a lovely mummy through Mummylinks who we’ve met up with a couple of times. Has been really great, especially as we’ve recently moved and don’t have may friends yet. Well done for all you’re doing, Emily. You’re helping to make such a difference to people.”

“This is me and my daughter Hattie. We went to a recent #MummyLinks meet in Nottingham and wanted to share a bit of our experience with you all, to encourage you to give it a go. We met with three other mums in a family friendly cafe. We had a great time chatting and getting to know the other mums and their little ones. We all had a shared interest and experience (babies) so found lots to discuss. I left really delighted to have met some interesting, friendly, new people.”

“The experience was hugely out of my comfort zone, I have recently finished CBT for PND and anxiety. I avoided meeting new people and generally didn’t enjoy baby groups whilst my daughter was small. Throughout my treatment my therapist kept saying the best possible therapy would be to get out there and chat to other mums – turns out he was right.
I would really recommend taking a leap of faith and seeing if any other mums in your area fancy meeting up.”

“Loved your post today about PND. You are doing an amazing job-the fb page is great-it’s helped me feel more confident in making some new mummy friends so thank you. Xx”

“I really want to have more mum friends but I don’t want to use apps that feel like I am online dating! The MummyLinks approach is just perfect!”

“I recently completed CBT for my PND/anxiety and my therapist said many many times that the best therapy I could get was talking to other mums and being honest about mental health with them. So this is rather perfect!”

“I think its amazing what your doing as when my first was born i never left the house and if i had of known this was in existance i would have probably used it and this is why i would never want anyone to go through what i did xo”

“I wish MummyLinks was available when I have No.2 eight years ago. I was an older Mum whose friends were all at work and I was very lonely during the day. X”

“I just can’t wait for the app! It’s going to make things so much easier for so many people. It’s hard these days to make friends let alone parent friends.”

“I just wanted to say you are doing an amazing job and are a complete inspiration to many people! Truly amazing”

“Never feel ashamed of how you are feeling. You are not alone.”

“What a blessing MummyLinks is doing already. So super proud of you. You have tapped into an area of need.”

Mum of one, co-founder of Happity, mental health advocate

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