Toddler Activities At Home - The Cheerio Necklace | Happity Hack #1

Happity Hacks #1 – The Cheerio Necklace

Happity Hacks are simple 5 minute toddler activities to do at home - try one today!
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Madalena Xanthopoulos The Alma Collective
Madalena Xanthopoulos © Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective

When you’ve got a little one, you sometimes need 5 minutes’ peace to get stuff done, whether it’s going to the loo, drinking a cup of tea, or dealing with the laundry mountain. Mum friends are a lifeline for sharing all sorts of useful tips and parenting hacks that make life that bit easier – including toddler activities you can do at home, so you can get on with multitasking!👶☕👶☕

Thanks to the help of some awesome contributors, we’re kicking off our series  of Happity Hacks – simple, genius toddler activities to keep your little one entertained so you can reclaim a bit of precious time for yourself. Some may be obvious, some less so. But they’re low prep and now you can find them all in one place, making it easy as pie* to get 5 mins to yourself whenever you most need it.

Our first contribution is from Madalena Xanthapoulos of the Alma Collective. Her superb idea will not only keep little hands busy and improve fine motor skills, but also results in a handy takeaway snack…

*  Pie. Easy. Really?!

 The Cheerios Hack: Design your own take-away necklace-snack
 What you need
  • some o-shaped cereal snacks
  • a piece of string (ideally a thin shoe lace)
What they’ll learn
  • fine motor skills
  • patience, delayed gratification
How you do it
Put the cereal snacks in a bowl.
Toddler activities at home - Cheerios
Cheerios plus string © Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective
Show your child how to thread the hoops onto the string. And do NOT stress when they eat all the snacks.
Toddler activities at home - threading cheerios
© Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective
Tie the ends to finish the necklace.
Threading cheerios - necklace in progress
© Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective
Off you go with your take-away snack.
Toddler activities at home - finished cheerios necklace
Finished necklace snack © Madalena Xanthopoulos / The Alma Collective
Tips & Tricks
  • Use string that’s easy to knot. Wool works well, but quickly gets soggy. Remember they have to be able to chew on it, which is why we think a shoe lace is perfect.
  • Add extra age-appropriate decorations, such as beads or other edible loops.
  • The longer the string, the longer the child will be occupied making the necklace! They can also make bracelets or double necklaces to keep them going longer.
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The Alma Collective
About Madalena and the Alma Collective
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