Body Seeks "Developmental Movement' for ages 0-99

Looking at how the 0-3 year old communicates and play through their movement

What Body Seeks "Developmental Movement' for ages 0-99 says

These sessions are facilitated by Alison Elliot a registered dance movement psychotherapist. They are free and have been funded by Groundwork for LEAP (Lambeth Early Action Partnership). The purpose of the sessions are to give parents/cares a sense of how the infant develops and communicates through movement.

Each week we will at one of 6 developmental movements beginning with Yield to a support and breath followed by PUSH, REACH, GRASP, PULL, LET GO. Each week we will recapitulate on the last. We Will be moving our bodies and you will need enough room to roll around on the floor and a matt or blanket to lie on.

You can do these sessions with or with out your child present. There is capacity for 5 participants per session.

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