Doula D

Postnatal doula and parent support in and around Cheshire

What Doula D says

As a postnatal doula my role is to support the parents I work with to become resilient and confident. This is very different for every family I work with but, in the early days with a new baby someone focused on the parents and their welfare can be beneficial. Offering time and space to reflect on the joys and challenges of their situation; helping them to identify solutions that work for them.

One of the advantages to having a range of skills is that I can offer new ways of looking at situations and offer strategies and tools for families to use.

If you book with me as a doula, my other services are all available to you as part of the package. If you book a different service with me you have access to my skills and knowledge.

Doula D socially distanced but not socially isolated

Chat, debrief, get some time out

0 months - 2 years



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0 months - 2 years

Find baby classes. Meet other parents.

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