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I help to support you with tools, techniques, relaxation and a listening ear, whether it’s antenatally or postnatally.
So that you can work towards having a positive and informed experience however you plan to birth.
As a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner I can provide you with breastfeeding support.
I can offer you 121 sessions if you require that more personal approach, especially if I need to adapt my sessions for your own pregnancy to birth journey.
I run group sessions which are a maximum of 8 couples in each one. This way you can still have that personal connection but also gain a small friendly group connection too.
I have completed course at CACHE L2: in Understanding Autism, which I mainly did for my other role but it opened my eyes to how individuals on the Autism spectrum may experience their pregnancy and birth. The mainstream system we have antenatally may need more discussion and for you to feel supported when you need more consistency and have that person centred approach.
I have a keen interest in the Autism spectrum and how it can affect anxiety levels and social situations, especially when it comes to your antenatal education and building that community or support network.
I trained back in 2018 with The Little Birth Company and it’s been a fabulous learning journey and I’m still learning all the time. I also feel supported by them to follow my own path and develop.
We (myself and many of the other coaches) joined two workshops for understanding in LGBTQ+ inclusivity in birth work and Cultural Competency.
Two amazing workshops, it massively opened my eyes, I have so, so, much more to learn but it’s hugely important to me to be all inclusive.
I have a small number of workshops I run, both privately and in groups.
Mindful Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding
Birthing Mother and Baby
Calm and Confident extras
Beyond Birth Groups

Mums and Babies - mindfulness, relaxation techniques

A gorgeous session from Mindful Magic, for mums and your babies (up to sitting)

0 months - 8 months

Online Mums and Babies group

These are all about YOU and your wellbeing. This is the time and space for you

0 months - 9 months

Beyond Birth Early Stages Newborn group

Each weekly session is designed to ease the transition into parenthood

0 months - 3 years

Mindful Breastfeeding New Parents Support Group

A 6 week breastfeeding support group with weekly themes to help you

0 months - 3 years

Starting Solids Workshop

When are you going to start giving them some food? Have you thought about it yet

6 months - 3 years

Womens/Mums Mindfulness Relaxation

Settle down ready to start the week with a gorgeous session from Mindful Magic

0 months - 100 years

Hypnobirthing 3hr Antenatal Workshop

A condensed 3hr workshop for anyone still wanting to learn about Hypnobirthing


Pregnancy Relaxation for birthing mothers

4 week pregnancy relaxation course, Relaxation, a discussion point each week




[email protected]

[email protected] Online Interactive

0 months - 9 months
0 months - 9 months
0 months - 3 years
0 months - 3 years
13:00 –16:00 Starting Solids Workshop
6 months - 3 years
0 months - 100 years

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