Mamma Mindfulness (Leigh Community Trust)

A class for new Mums and their babies for post natal recovery

What Mamma Mindfulness (Leigh Community Trust) says

A class for all new Mums and their babies to aid with post natal recovery, both physically and mentally. Using a lovely combination of Pilates, Mindfulness, Dance/Movement, play and baby-wearing this class targets all the areas that the post natal body needs to help recover. Baby-wearing is encouraged to help not only build the bond between mum and baby but to also help new mums truly focus on themselves without worry of where baby is. Led by the founder of the classes, Michelle, who is an experienced practitioner, fully qualified in Dance, Pilates, Mindfulness and Pre/Post Natal exercise whilst also being a peer supporter for baby wearing (via Carrying Matters). Suitable for all new mums and their babies 6 week post birth up to babies turning into toddlers and walking.


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