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Beyond Birth - Mental Well-being in early Parenthood Beyond Birth aims to bridge the gap between families and overstretched, underfunded public services as the pandemic continues to contribute to the mental health decline in new parents. Millions are now experiencing poor mental health because of the effects of social distancing, lockdown and the over-consumption of stress-inducing media reports, and thousands are falling through the cracks because of fragmented and poorly funded social services. This pandemic needs to be treated as the mental health crisis it is. Although we all thought that fear of getting sick would be the biggest cause of stress, it’s not: the stress of financial uncertainty and hardship, loneliness and the loss of physical and emotional support is. Parenting in particular has never been so lonely and isolating and as we enter further lockdowns and anxiety around the pandemic deepens, it’s clear that parents are struggling and there isn’t the help available that they desperately need. Enter Beyond Birth – a programme designed to bridge the support gap between no help and waiting to get help. The guide book, course, online group and class is full of tips, tools and techniques for parents to help themselves and avoid unravelling. It is for anyone and everyone who is and isn’t already struggling with their mental health. Beyond Birth focuses on teaching the vital life skill that is protecting, preventing and preserving our mental state. The Beyond Birth guide book and online groups take parents through every area of becoming a new parent and what they can do to help them cope when things are tough. It covers emotions, connection, sleep, stress, relationships, identity and much more.

Beyond Birth - Mindful Early Parenting Workshop

A six part workshop equipping parents with resources to manage mental health

0 months - 2 years



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0 months - 2 years

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