Nurture with Nikki

I provide classes for new parents - Baby Massage, Introducing Solids, Postnatal

What Nurture with Nikki says

Baby Massage classes are provided to new parents so they can learn the baby massage strokes safely to help their baby. Techniques will be learned to relieve their baby of the discomfort from trapped wind and constipation, teething and congestion. Techniques to calm and relax their baby ultimately helping them to sleep will also be included as an important part of their journey to learn about their baby's cues. Introducing Solids workshops are provided to help parents understand when, how and what they can introduce to their baby safely and how to prepare for this next part of their parenting journey.

Baby Massage Class

An hour of calm when you can learn some essential Baby Massage techniques

1 month - 9 months
Contact Details Nikki Sanders 07971 830538


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