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Early years piano, singing and musicianship lessons

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Mini Musicians is a perfect introduction to music and the piano for younger children, aged 3-5. It bridges the gap between baby and toddler music classes and formal 1:1 musical tuition. We sing, learn and play to learn about musical concepts and give children an incredible head start with a solid musical foundation. During this year long curriculum: 🎶 Understand the foundations of musical notation 🥁 Develop skills around rhythm, pitch 🎹 Learn piano improvisation skills 👂 Develop listening skills 🎻 Learn all about the different instruments of the orchestra 💃🏻 Each half term we will also have a LIVE musician come in and demonstrate their instrument… the oboe, harp, cello and bassoon are just some of the instruments that will be performed for the children by professional musicians.

Mini Musicians One

Mini Musicians is a perfect introduction to the piano and musicianship

3 years - 5 years
Contact Details Rhiannon Llewellyn 07918101241



St Margaret’s Church

Putney Park Lane London, Greater London SW15 5HU
15:30 –16:05 Mini Musicians One
3 years - 5 years

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