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What Retreat Petite Baby Massage says

I am a mum of 3 and a trained adult massage therapist and hated the thought of joining baby groups at first but when I tried baby massage with my first daughter I fell in love and decided to start my own group which doesn’t have a typical baby group feel about it. It’s extremely relaxed and informal, completely judgement free and we learn many different techniques to both help ease symptoms of ailments but also to soothe and settle baby and also pamper yourself! I keep classes small so they’re not intimidating for anyone and all involved have a better chance of striking up friendships. Baby massage is so helpful for many different issues including colic and constipation, low muscle tone, premature babies, babies in care the list goes on! It’s recommended from 6 weeks but if you and baby are well enough to attend earlier that’s fine by me! Once your baby is crawling you may find it harder to get them to comply with sessions!

Contact Details Cat Chamberlain 07855 554 968


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