The Warrior Method with Eliza Flynn - Mum Strong

Feel stronger in your body

Monday    11:00–12:00

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2 months - 3 years
All year

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This is for parents who want to feel strong again! Who want to know that they can run faster than their toddler, who can carry them up and down stairs - even if they're having the meltdown of all meltdowns, who can slowly and silently sneak out their kids rooms on tiptoes without overbalancing... these are all essential skills you never knew you needed.

This is for those who feel like they've made good progress on their pelvic floor strength and are ready to take it up a notch. Call it the twilight zone between getting over the immediate discomforts that come with birth and to feeling strong again.

Exercises are low impact, but there will be more challenging circuits and endurance incorporated. The focus is on strengthening and shaping. We won't neglect all the critical elements, such as balance and resilience, but it'll be more sweaty than the Repair, Restore & Retrain class.

Little ones are more welcome to be around. It's a child-friendly class so I'll be providing some exercises for you to do if your little one decides to have a grizzle and needs to be held.

For these classes, you'll need a mat, comfy clothes (no need for shoes or sports bra), a couple of cans of beans (or chickpeas, or soup etc) and water.



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