Ballet for ages 3 and up

  • Thursdays 11:00–11:30

Rock Up Whiteley Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7PD

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This class follows the same syllabus as Mixed Ages, but the children will be 3 years or older. We focus a little more attention on being independent from parent/carer and also pay a little more attention to technique. We also tend to get through a few more exercises as the children are becoming more able.

We require these children to be able to dance completely independently from their parent/carer although they are in the room watching from the side.

When we are assessing a child's readiness for this class we are expecting them to not run to mum after each exercise and remain focused on the teacher.

This class is a combination of the mixed ages and Independent syllabus and is designed to prepare them for the full independent class.

We continue to use our many props in this class!

Uniform isn't compulsory at Starz, anything comfy to dance in is fine. We do sell a lovely range of tutu's and dance wear via our website and your teacher can fit you with shoes should you wish to buy some.

Booking info & prices

Siblings & Discounts
  • Block of 3: £21.00

Booking info & prices

Siblings & Discounts
  • Block of 3: £21.00