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Helping babies communicate before speech

What Sing and Sign says

Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts and launched in January 2001, the "Sing and Sign" programme has since taught tens of thousands of parents across the UK how to sign with their babies and encourage amazing early communication.


Hello! My name is Marika and I am the Sing and Sign teacher for East Herts and Harlow. In March 2018 I decided it was time to leave my job in London after 10 years to be more available for my son and it was very scary going out on my own. Prior to this, while on maternity leave I had attended Sing and Sign with my son. I’d heard about Sing and Sign through word of mouth and it sounded like such a fantastic thing to do. Not only to encourage better communication between my baby and me but also as a great way to make sure I got out of the house and met up with other new parents. I started with Sing and Sign Babes and continued on to do 2 terms of Stage One before I returned to work but I was dedicated to signing at home and got my husband to join in with the catchy songs as well. We saw that our son could recognise signs from really early on and he started to use signs from about 7 months old. His speech has also always been very advanced for his age so the consistency has really paid off. This is the main reason I decided to start teaching Sing and Sign classes myself. I truly believe it to be so beneficial to both parent and baby and it also allows me to be more available at home for my little boy. I hope you will come and join me!

Stage One

Helping babies communicate before speech

5 months - 15 months

Stage Two

Helping babies communicate before speech

14 months - 2 years 6 months


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