Sing and Sign Romford & Havering

Helping babies communicate before speech

What Sing and Sign says

Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts and launched in January 2001, the "Sing and Sign" programme has since taught tens of thousands of parents across the UK how to sign with their babies and encourage amazing early communication.


Hi I'm Nicci Wilson-Kivlehan, Nix, and I run Sing and Sign classes in Dagenham, Havering and Thurrock. Having attended classes with both my children I can firmly say it works and has taken the guess work out of many situations. Both my children and I really enjoyed the structured classes with their use of familiar nursery rhymes mixed with new songs, instruments, pictures and the much loved Jessie Cat. The added benefit for myself as a parent, over other baby groups I attended, was that I was learning something new which benefitted my child's development and enabled them to communicate with me long before speech. I will never forget my joy at seeing my little girl communicate with me signing milk at 8 months, she realised she could tell me what she wanted and it broke down many frustrations that the lack of understanding your child can bring. My children are at an age that they both speak well but we still use sign frequently.


Gentle introduction to baby signing

2 months - 6 months

Stage One

Helping babies communicate before speech

6 months - 13 months

Stage Two

Helping babies communicate before speech

14 months - 2 years


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