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Baby Signing, Toddler Talking

What TinyTalk says

Learn to communicate with your baby before they can speak, at an award-winning TinyTalk baby signing class. TinyTalk is for toddlers too. Our quality classes continue to develop your child’s communication skills whilst you're having a brilliant time together.


My name is Nicola Ratcliffe and I am a mum to 2 young girls. I have been teaching TinyTalk Ash and Farnborough baby signing classes since January 2017 after attending myself as a mum. I love baby signing for so many reasons and it has really helped me have a better understanding of both my girls from a young age.

TinyTalk Baby Signing Class

Baby Signing Class with songs, playtime and sensory activities

1 month - 2 years
Contact Details Nicola Ratcliffe 07763 813107



[email protected]

[email protected] Online Interactive

1 month - 2 years
1 month - 2 years

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