Vital Cores

Massage and Yoga for babies, Children and Families

What Vital Cores says

Baby Massage is a fantastic experience for both baby and parent; it can aid in the secure parent-child attachment process, it can help to ease digestive discomfort and teething pain and it can help to relax baby.

Baby yoga involves stretching, mini poses and movements for baby, with a few yoga inspired stretches for parents.

Kids yoga uses games, props, music, story-telling and more to introduce yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation to children.

Free Taster Baby Yoga Level 1

3 months - 6 months

Baby Massage

5 Week Baby Massage Term

2 months - 7 months

Baby You've Captured My Heart

Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and Craft Special

2 months - 8 months

Dad's Baby Yoga & Baby Massage Workshop

Baby Yoga and Baby Massage Special for Dads

2 months - 8 months

Baby Yoga

5 Week Baby Yoga Term

3 months - 8 months

FREE Taster Baby Yoga Level 2

Baby Yoga for babies sitting to pre walking

6 months - 10 months
Contact Details Sam Pemble 07843 499591


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