9 Fun Lunar New Year Activities For Your Toddler

Looking for toddler activities this Lunar New Year?

We’ve got you covered. From Paper drums to puppet shows and stories to tell, there are all sorts of things you can do to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with your toddler. Scroll through, and Happy Lunar New Year!

Create A Paper Plate Chinese Rattle Drum

A cool fun craft using things you probably already have lying around in your toddler art supplies. It requires two paper plates, a pencil, some string, and some beads (or anything you can attach to the string!)

It takes a bit of adult supervision to staple things into place and hole punch a couple of holes in place, but it’s super simple and creates a fun toy!

Check out the video below by Maggie & Rose to find out more!

Folded Symmetrical Paper Dragon Art

2024 marks the year of the dragon, and this simple painting is a great way to celebrate it.

Get out an A4 piece of paper, your toddler-friendly paints, brushes (optional) and googly eyes/buttons/something for the eyes. Fold the A4 piece of paper in half and get your toddler to paint a pattern on one side of the folded A4. My toddler opted to use their fingers, so we have a cute patchy finger-paint pattern. Once they’ve finished their masterpiece, fold the painted side against the other to create a symmetrical pattern.

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Glue on your googly eyes or buttons, and there you have it! Your very own zodiac dragon.

Go To Lunar New Year Themed Baby Or Toddler Activities / Classes

There’s a lot of variety over on Happity. And lots of activity providers love to hold themed baby and toddler classes. Just like Pickled Pepper Books have! Check in with your regular baby class and see if they’re holding any activities for the Lunar New Year.

Or check out the Mandarin tag to find a new class near you.

Paper Chain Dragon Puppet

This cute puppet craft may need a bit of assistance from an adult, but is a cute activity all the same! Cut up some strips of colourful card and then start to create a paper chain (glueing overlapping loops together). Then craft together a face and a tail and glue it on each end.

Check out the full process on this CBeebies video:

Find Lunar New Year activities For Toddlers On Twinkl

There are lots of crafts and activities you can do at home, but if you’re short on time and you’d like to find some easy ready-made activity sheets, then Twinkl offers a lot of free resources.

We did a quick search and found this cute craft pack. Check it out!

Lunar New Year Sensory Bin – Activities For Your Toddler

We love a sensory bin. They’re great for developing your toddlers’ fine motor skills and toddlers spend ages playing with them.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then we found this great one over on Gift Of Curiosity.

Chinese Fan Paper Craft

Paper fans are a nice and easy craft to make. It doesn’t take too many materials, and you don’t need to cut anything either. It’s just a matter of folding and glueing.

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We’ve found this useful DIY tutorial below -but be sure to replace the glue with toddler-safe glue!

Tell Them The Story Of the Zodiac (The Great Race)

It’s a great story to share with your little ones and helps them understand the origins of having animals allocated to certain years. You can either tell it in your own words, or we found a video below from CBeebies telling the story very well with shadow puppets!

Figure Out What Zodiac Animal You All Are And Draw It

Drawing animals isn’t far away from what your toddler might already do, but it adds something special if it’s connected with them. Check out a Chinese Zodiac Calendar and then figure out with your children what animal they are in the zodiac. Then, get everyone to draw their own zodiac animal! A nice easy activity.

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