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A bit about us

We’re on a mission to support you in those early days of parenthood and make this one thing super easy.

We've worked around our children to make this project happen, because whilst being a mum might be the most important job of our lives, it's not the only thing we want to do!

Our founder, Sara, learnt to code whilst her husband was on shared parental leave with their 6 month old son. She built the first version of Happity and is passionate about getting more women into tech.

We're so excited to be championing other parents in business and to be creating remote, flexible work that works.

Want to get involved? Come talk to us, join in and be part of our journey here.

What does Beta mean?

This site is fresh off the press. You may find some (or lots of) bugs that escaped our alpha testers.

Not everything is ready, but we wanted you to have access to what we've got so far. There's still so much more to come!

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