We won Startups 100’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) award!

We’re thrilled here at Happity to, not only be listed in Startups 100 top 100 businesses 2023 list… But to win the Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DEI) award!

The DEI award is given to the business that Startups 100 feels have provided evidence of a committed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative. And their top 100 list is an index of the top 100 most disruptive and innovative small businesses for 2023.

It is such an honour to be on both, and receiving this news is an amazing start to our year!

What is the DEI award (and why is it such an honour for us)?

Not only is the award given to us by Startups 100 (host of the UK’s longest-running index of the top 100 most disruptive and innovative small businesses), but a DEI award represents an innovative and moral strength in a business. Nominations are for businesses that tackle issues facing marginalised groups or individuals. These businesses offer a target that is more conceptual and that is tackling a real problem.

Pattico is quoted in Startups 100 article as saying: “People are not waiting for huge backers before acting on good ideas… (they) spotted a gap to help themselves as individuals and in doing so realised they could also help others.”

Seeing all the other businesses who were nominated for this award, we whole-heartedly agree. You can see that their mission is at the heart of what they do. We all know that what we do really is helping others, as it’s tackling issues that we have faced before.

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The foundations of building a diverse team and being an inclusive company

Startups 100 DEI award - The team who's pushing for our mission. Team Happity!

From working at dining room tables squeezing meetings around naptimes to now, Happity has always pushed to create something new that tackles a real issue. We’re a baby and toddler directory which allows parents to easily navigate and book local classes. Happity supports local businesses (many of whom are mums) through offering parenting groups and classes the option to list for free or become a paid member.

We are a mission-driven business. Our aim is, and always has been, to end loneliness for new parents. As mums ourselves we know how important these classes are for socialisation and development, not to mention the community building for parents which is key for mental health. That’s why we have focused on listing as many free and cheap activities in various cities across the UK; so everyone can find something to do with their child.

Sometimes saying “no” is the right thing to do -Startups 100 DEI award

This award means a lot to Happity’s co-founders. There have been times where thinking very carefully and consciously about the decisions the company has made involved saying “no” to certain decisions. And that, in itself, can be quite a difficult thing to do!

“At times, staying true to our values has meant actively saying no to doing the things startups are ‘meant to do’. It has meant being sure and steady and staying the course, where others would play fast and loose. It turns out striving to do the right thing instead of the easy thing, really is the right thing. And operating in a sector where compassion and humanity means everything, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I never thought we would appear in this list, so I am really touched to have received this recognition from the judges.

Sara Tateno

Read Sara’s full response on her LinkedIn post

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From Nappy Valley to Happity Valley – Startups 100 DEI Award

Startups 100 DEI award - The team who's pushing for our mission. Team Happity!

“Over the next few years, the plan is to go UK-wide, expanding both their paid as well as free class offerings… We look forward to seeing this bonny booking platform grow and helping little ones (and their big ones) get from Nappy Valley to Happity Valley.”

Startups 100

It’s quotes like these that really solidify the feeling that we’re doing everything right. The spotlight really needs to shine on this sector. And the fact that everyone agrees with us really shows that we need to give attention to issues facing young parents.

It’s a true honour to receive this award. We can’t wait to prove everyone right for putting their faith into us.

Want to get out and about, have fun with your baby or toddler, and meet other parents?

Search Happity to find everything that’s happening for the under-5’s in your local area – from music and singing classes, to messy play, arts and crafts, baby massage, gymnastics and more. Simply enter your postcode and child’s age to search, and then book your spot in a few taps. Enjoy dedicated fun time with your little one, watch their skills develop, and make friends at the same time. Mums, dads, grandparents and carers will all find something to love!

Find a class today!

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