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What is Happity?

Happity is an online marketplace for parent & child classes. When the days feel long, we help parents escape the four walls by making it easy to find and book local classes for babies & toddlers.

A future investment could help us:

Further support our community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. When looking at options to help more parents across more of the UK, we’ve been keen to figure out ways to make more available. We have allocated a proportion of our previous campaign’s funding to ensure that all parents, providers, and supporters of our mission (to end loneliness in new parents) can get involved and help shape the parenthood experience of tomorrow.

Build on our success

Driven by a mission to end loneliness for new parents, we’ve made huge strides on limited capital

  • In July 2022, we successfully closed a crowdfunding campaign at 265% funded, raising over £660k. This investment allowed us to focus on improving out product and expanding across the UK.
  • We’re highly rated by class providers
  • And recommended by NHS workers to help support mental wellbeing for new parents

Grow our team, services and reach

Established in London, we want to roll out UK-wide (as well as beyond) and invest in our tech. As Happity grows, we will need to expand our team to ensure our service is tip-top, adding new features and personalisation to make the experience of parenthood better.

Investors can help us do all this, and beyond

Join our future campaigns

By joining our future campaigns, you could help our mission to improve the experience of parenthood for people across the UK. Many parents and class providers in London love what we do, but we might need extra support to help reach others across the UK!

    • Parent & child classes are global, worth c. £2bn+ in the UK alone
    • Gateway to adjacent opportunities in the new parent market (Forbes estimates this at $46bn in the US)
    • Great mission-driven team in place, tackling loneliness for new mums

    Statistics correct as of 07/2022

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