How Dads Benefit from Baby and Toddler Classes

We’re joined by Kirsty Parsons from Bright Beginnings Baby Massage, who is here to share the benefits of baby and toddler classes for dads.

When a new baby arrives, family dynamics often change and there is the risk of Fathers feeling slightly left out. But a good option to help them feel involved is by encouraging them to go to a baby class for that feel-good bonding time. Here are just some of the benefits dads can experience from attending baby and toddler classes.

Getting That Quality Bonding Time

Pregnancy and birth give mums a great opportunity to bond with their babies before their baby is even born. Dads get more opportunities to connect with their baby once they are born through play and quality time.

In baby and toddler groups, dads will have the time to build their bond through communicating, caring and playing with their children. Baby massage is known to enhance this as it releases the happy hormone Oxytocin in both baby and Dad.

At around 6-12 months old, babies are at a stage of development where they will thrive from playtime. Classes like sensory classes, musical groups, messy play and soft play are great options for this age group.

Help Them To Gain Confidence In Handling A Baby

While it’s not often talked about, it’s actually super common for parents to worry about what the correct way to hold a baby is.

You have this tiny little human in your arms, there isn’t always guidance on the right way to hold them. For those who are feeling nervous or doubting themselves, classes can really help to offer comfort.

During group sessions (for example, in a baby massage), parents will learn different movements to relax their babies, these movements require babies to be put in various positions i.e. front, back, sat on the lap or held in the arms. Each week Fathers will handle their babies differently to practice the required techniques and will gain confidence in doing so.

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Contributes To Child Development

By attending baby and toddler groups, dads take an active role in their children’s development. Baby classes can help dads learn about the importance of play. They help with learning about lots of different kinds of early development in babies. Including physical, cognitive, social, language and emotional.

This will build on Dad’s knowledge of child development and the milestones expected at all stages of development. Dad and baby will both explore with access to new and varied toys during their group sessions, enhancing Dad’s creativity within play.

Builds A Strong Support Network

It can be an overwhelming time for dads who have recently welcomed their newborn into the world. Research suggests that dads often feel isolated in those early stages of fatherhood.

But, when dads attend baby or toddler groups, they are far more likely to strike up a conversation with other families. This often leads to discussions around similar topics and shared experiences. More up-to-date research has found that dads felt they could openly discuss and share experiences with other dads during the group session. They are therefore boosting confidence in an arena free from judgment.

Creates Lasting Memories

The first few years of a child’s life can fly by in a blink. Dads might feel like they are missing out on pivotal moments in a baby’s life, especially if they are the main ones working in the house. Therefore by attending a group, Dads are present for some of their baby’s firsts.

By attending a baby and toddler group, both dad and child will participate in activities that will form lasting memories. Not only that but many groups provide the opportunity for photos to be taken which can be kept as a keepsake. Some groups may also have activities that help dads to create keepsakes such as hand prints, or celebration cards to take home so be sure to check the descriptions of the classes to see these options.

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Baby Classes Help Dads To Takes Some Time Out

During group sessions that are baby or child-led, there will be time for dads to grab a drink and chat to other parents. Plus, there will be plenty of other parents or the class instructors on hand if they just fancy a ten-minute break! So take a seat, grab a snack and relax.

Thank You To Kirsty – Bright Beginnings Baby Massage

All of these benefits demonstrate how important Dads are in these early childhood experiences. Dads tend to challenge their children to explore and take part in new opportunities, as a result, children learn to build self-confidence, independence and motivation to succeed. Take a look at the local groups within your area, get booked in and let the fun commence!

Kirsty is a trained health visitor and baby massage instructor, who runs her own baby massage classes over at Bright Beginnings Baby Massage. Check her out on Instagram here!

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