5 special Father’s Day activities & gift ideas

What activities are you going to be doing to celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is that special time of year when we celebrate all those who have ever been a father figure to someone. Whether they’re a Dad, Granddad, Uncle, Foster Dad, Step-Dad, Godfather, like-a-dad, Dad to an angel baby, or on their journey to fulfil their parenthood dreams: this is a great time to show your appreciation for them.

Searching for ideas of what to do this year? We asked our team, ‘What activities are you planning on doing (or have you done in the past) to celebrate Father’s Day?’ and they told us their plans.

Hopefully they can give you some inspiration!

Father’s Day activities: Let your child pick the present!

Father's day activities: a small child smiles toothily in a supermarket

Lisa T, Happity’s customer experience manager, told us that she lets her son Jack pick the present. No matter how weird the choice!

“I always ask Jack what he wants to get Andy,” she says. “So whilst the present might be slightly odd, it shows that it has come from Jack and not just me buying something he would like. This year’s present is ‘Shower Gel that smells like lollipops’.”

Father’s Day activities: Enjoy a nice afternoon tea together

Father's day activities: have an afternoon tea! Two girls sit together eating biscuits while playing with a toy teapot.

“We often make a nice lunch/afternoon tea,” says co-founder, Emily. “I guess that harks back to Covid times! Oliver often decorates a cake (buy a plain one and then a load of icing pens!)”

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We love this idea, and Emily wasn’t the only one on our team who suggested an afternoon tea as an idea. “I can second the afternoon tea idea, food will be involved for us!” said Helen, our Growth Admin Assistant.

Give them a handmade card or craft (and a lie in)

father's day activities: creating a handmade card -a little girl hugs her dads leg while giving him a handmade card

One that popped up across most of Team Happity is making a handmade card or craft for dads.

“I always get my daughter to make the cards for my husband and my dad rather than buying them,” Lisa K, Head of Marketing, tells us. “She is very into painting rocks at the moment, so this year they will both be getting a Father’s Day rock, complete with glitter and googly eyes.”

“Jack will make a card and a picture and then Andy will get a lie in,” says Lisa T. “And then we’ll all go out for lunch. I think Jack also wants to pick him some flowers from the garden.”

 “Lyra will decorate (scribble on) a card too,” confirms Helen. “And I’m sure Jamie would appreciate a lie in!”

“Similar here,” shares Sara, Happity co-founder. “Usually a lie in with breakfast in bed that the kids have helped make, plus a homemade card. In the past they’ve also painted ceramics, so he now has a collection of father’s day things that we can serve his breakfast on!

Breakfast in bed

father's day activities: breakfast in bed

Previously mentioned in some of the other points, but breakfast in bed and a good lie in really does feel like a treat on Father’s day.

“I’ll make Matt breakfast in bed,” says Lisa K. “And do my ONE soppy post of the year about him on social media. Personally I think this is better than any gift money could buy.”

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After mentioning about giving her husband a lay in, Lisa T offered a great point as to how she plans her Father’s Day. “For me it’s about getting that balance of nice family time but also giving him a rest as well.”

Father’s Day activities: Attend a Father’s Day special class on Happity

Father's day activities: four babies sit in a group together.

Helen also mentioned how they had previously attended a Father’s day special class. “Last year we went to the Baby Sensory Father’s Day special, that was lovely!”

There’s lots of options on Happity for activities, and plenty of providers love to run seasonal & holiday specials. Head over to Happity to find an activity for your family.

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