5 Simple Skincare Basics For Parents Who Don’t Have Time

What kind of skincare routine can you fit in as busy parents?

When you have a baby, a lot of self-care that we had down before has to take a back seat. Our priorities become focussed on the little life that’s just come into the world. But looking after yourself, and making sure you feel good is still important.

To help us figure out how to fit a skincare routine in with a parenting lifestyle, we’re joined by Guest Expert, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, founder of the brand Faace.

Skincare For Parents Kept Simple

I am not just a beauty lover but also a beauty professional of 18 years. So, when I had my first son, it was surprising for me that my good skincare habits went out of the window. When brushing my teeth even got bumped off the list some nights due to sheer exhaustion, I felt like what I was doing previously in my beauty routine, as well as what was out there, wasn’t realistic for me as a time-poor, tired mum. That’s when my skincare brand, Faace, was born.

We look at skin a bit differently than other brands. Instead of type – dry/oily – we look at lifestyle and hormones. From tiredness to periods, stress to menopause we understand that life and hormones can get in the way of good habits. So, have created targeted and easy solutions to help.

When it comes to new parent routines, these are my top five tips for helping yourself feel like you haven’t completely fallen off the skincare wagon.

1. Streamline Your Routine – Skincare For Parents

Time is a precious commodity for new parents, so simplify your skincare routine with a focus on minimal effort for maximum results. Prioritise the essentials – cleansing, hydrating and protecting. I like to double cleanse using a face and body bar in the shower and then follow up with a facial wash. I find a quick, but effective double cleanse at the end of the day (even if there’s no time at the start) leaves my skin looking a lot clearer.

Opting for multi-tasking products can help to streamline things (hence the face and body bar), and products that are safe to use on my eyes and face (the chosen face wash). Dry skin is never going to look its best and if you are feeling tired, that’s likely going to show up in your face too. That’s where a hydrating leave-on product from a moisturiser to a mask can help pep things up.

Skincare for parents - image shows Faace's face and body bar in one image and founder, Jasmine, using one of the products by a mirror

2. SPF Is Non-Negotiable

Sun damage is one of the worst things you can do to not only the health but the appearance of your skin, so slap on a nice lightweight SPF every day (especially if you’re finding you’re out walking more), this is applicable rain or shine.

I spent a huge amount of time out walking with the pram when both my sons were born as it was a great way to pass the time, get them to nap, and to make me feel sane.

3. Invest In Overnight Treatments

Maximise that beauty sleep (even if you’re not getting much of it as parents), by adding overnight skincare into your routine. Even if you only have time to slap on some SPF in the day, go to bed in a sleep mask that can be left on the skin and work overnight, delivering ingredients to help restore your complexion. Ingredients that work well on most skin types are things like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, glycerine, aloe vera and anything designed to nourish the skin.

skincare for parents - image shows the range of products that faace offers

If you’re worried about reacting with ingredients then do a test patch with a new product and potentially avoid or build up towards using things like retinol or salicylic acid – I find my skin can be reactive – so I like to opt for gentle ingredients. It’s also worth noting that your skin is going to be near your baby, so just be mindful of when you are applying your skincare to their likely routine (obviously I say routine in the loosest sense with most babies). And ensure that everything you use is safe for breastfeeding too if that’s how you are feeding your baby.

4. Embrace The Hydration

Lack of sleep and the demands of parenthood can leave you and your skin feeling parched and depleted. Hydration is key to maintaining supple skin. Try to drink as much water as you possibly can. You could also keep a nourishing mist nearby to spritz onto skin for instant refreshment.

Ingredients like cucumber and rosewater can feel and smell good, providing a nice soothing sensation on tired, stressed skin. I also bought myself one of those massive water bottles that give you targets of how much to drink by certain times, which I kept by my feeding chair as a reminder to drink every time I was feeding the baby.

5. Remember: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

I really do know that this is easier said than done but try and carve out some moments of self-care. Self-care can look different for everyone. But for me, one of the things it included was applying an aromatherapy-based face mask and just leaving it on the skin. The essential oils are lovely to take a moment to inhale and take you to the spa. Even if it’s for just a second.

For you, it might be taking the time to make a healthy lunch, read a book, take a bath, go for a run, or whatever makes you feel better. Don’t stop doing it just because you’re new parents. Remember that looking after yourself isn’t selfish and benefits everyone in the long run. Whether it’s a partner, parent, or friend don’t be worried about asking your network for support. Even just an hour in the week to do something for you is an important part of new parenthood.

Hormonal skin is complex. Routines don’t have to be – Faace

As a mum-lead business ourselves, it’s hard for us not to relate with Faace’s origin story. Created by a new mum, when her good skincare habits and self-care went out the window. She came together with her industry peers to create an effective, but simpler way to look after her hormonal skin. Not to mention that she’s kept her brand vegan, natural and ethically sourced. AND she also gives back to period poverty and menopause organisations. They keep skincare simple, and do their best to do the right thing. What’s not to love?

Check out Faace today

Jasmine Wicks-Stephens (founder of Faace)

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