60 Things To Spot Outside With Your Toddler This Spring 

Looking for things to add to your I-Spy list and spot outside with your toddler?

The promise of sunnier and warmer days in spring gets us more willing to get outside to play, but with the hit-and-miss weather, we are not quite ready for long days in the garden or out to the beach. However, you can still enjoy being outside with your toddler this spring and going for a walk is the perfect way.

When you head out for a walk at this time of year, make it into a fun game and see how many things you can spot whilst out. Most children are a lot more observant than us adults and often spot things whilst travelling that we easily miss, but turning your walk into a scavenger hunt is a fantastic game to play together and will keep them walking a little longer before they start whinging that their legs ache!

To give you some inspiration on what to look for here’s a list of 60 things you can spot with your toddler this spring from Karen, the creator of Tot’s Playtime Box’s bright, fun and educational I Spy Cards.

Animals, Bugs & Birds

As spring approaches, we start to see lots more animals out and about, if you live in the countryside, you will see lots more than in the city but keep an eye out as you never know where you might spot an animal travelling around!

1. Lambs

2. Chicks

3. Ducklings

4. Rabbits

5. Squirrels

6. Caterpillar

7. Bee

8. Ladybird

9. Butterfly

10. Worm

11. Blackbird

12. Sparrow

13. Blue Tit

14. Swan

15. Kingfisher

16. Woodpecker

17. Dragonflies

18. Frogspawn


There’s lots of nature to spot in spring, especially with new flowers, buds and plants starting to grow.

19. Hatched eggs

20. Green leaves

21. Buds

22. Seedlings

23. Wild Garlic

24. Puddles

25. Feather

26. Birds Nest

27. Daisies

28. Daffodil

29. Crocus

30. Bluebell

31. Primroses

32. Snowdrop

33. Pink Blossom

34. White Blossom

35. Frost

In The Sky

Don’t forget to look up when out for a walk. Spring weather changes quickly so you can catch sight of rainbows and different clouds in a short space of time. You may also spot a colourful kite blowing in the wind or a hot air balloon floating along in the sunshine.

36. Rainbow

37. White Fluffy Clouds

38. Grey Clouds

39. Sun

40. Kite

41. Hot Air Balloon


When spring hits and the weather improves, everyone enjoys being outside. More people head outside to exercise, the gardeners come out to tend to their gardens and you see lots more families enjoying the sunshine. Who will you see?

41. Gardener

42. Runner

43. Cyclist

44. Mum & Child Walking

45. Dog Walker

46. Park Keeper

47. Builder


Easter coincides with spring and the shops are inundated with chocolate eggs and decorations. Keep an eye out for Easter-related items in shop windows.

48. Chocolate Easter Eggs

49. Easter Bunny

50. Easter Baskets

51. Colourful Decorated Eggs

52. Hot Cross Buns


As nature blooms during spring, the gardeners come out to start planting seeds, cutting the grass and tending to their flower beds, they use lots of items to help them whilst gardening, which ones can you spot?

53. Lawnmower

54. Wheelbarrow

55. Watering Can

57. Spade

58. Flower Pots

59. Seeds

60. Gardening Gloves

You can go for a walk and see what you can spot but it’s also fun to take a scavenger hunt out that you can tick off when you see things. You could pick a few off the list and draw your own scavenger hunt, but if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, you can find ready-made scavenger hunts online to print at home or purchase reusable card sets.

Happy Spotting!

Karen xx

Tot’s Playtime Box

Karen is a mum of 2 energetic girls, the founder of Tot’s Playtime Box and an Early Years Play Expert from Norfolk. Karen knows exactly how to keep the kids happy with fun and easy activities as she has been entertaining them for nearly 20 years and now creates fun and exciting activity cards and books for ‘on the go’ kids. 

Pop over to Tot’s Playtime Box website to see Karen’s best-selling I Spy Cards and all the fun activities she has to keep the kids entertained. You can also find her on Instagram – @totsplaytimebox

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