11 Egg-Cellent Easter Activities To Keep Toddlers Entertained

Looking for Inspiration and activities to keep a tiny army of toddlers entertained this Easter? We’ve got you covered.

Happy Easter!

While it’s a happy time of hopping about energetically for little bunnies, it’s also the time of year when the majority of preschools and childcare providers stops running for two weeks. Meaning that, for parents and carers, there’s very suddenly a lot of entertaining to do!

So how do you occupy a buzzing toddler or little one under 5 during the Easter break? We have a few ideas that might come in handy for you!

Biscuit Decorating

Easter Activities Toddlers: Image shows a plate with cutely decorated Easter themed icing

Buy a kit, or assemble your own. This is a simple (and delicious) way to let your little one explore their creativity and develop their motor skills. All you need is some biscuits (rich teas will do), some colourful icing sugar, and a select choice of toppings (your local supermarket will have plenty of variety). Then, go wild!

It might be a bit messy, but with a bit of newspaper or placemats laid out (or, if you’re really clever, get them to do all their decorating inside a baking tray so it catches all the sprinkles!), this should be a pretty stress-free activity.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Activities Toddlers: Two toddlers stand in a field holding Easter eggs and wearing bunny ears

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The classic Easter egg hunt is always a great activity for little ones. And there’s plenty of room to put your own personal touches on it.

It’s easy enough to get a hold of fillable plastic eggs (they’re currently being sold in packs of 5 for £1.25 in Tesco), so just fill them up with some treats that you know your kids love and hide them around the garden and the house. Exciting, reliable, and great fun.

If you’re looking for something a bit extra this Easter, you can also find an Easter egg hunt near you through the National Trust website. This is a great touch for if your kids are reaching the stages when they’re looking for a slightly bigger adventure.

Book An Easter Activity Through Happity

Class providers love running seasonal activities for babies and toddlers, and Easter is no exception!

Whether you’re looking for a music class, sensory play, baby massage, messy play or more -there’s a wide variety of classes out there. So see what tickles your fancy, and enjoy the tremendous amounts of effort that these classes put into making a seasonal themed class.

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Check out the Easter Classes listed on Happity here!

Nest & Mini Egg Cakes

Easter Activities Toddlers: Image shows nest cakes with mini eggs

Another simple and wonderfully tasty activity that any toddler can get involved in. To make a nest and mini egg cake, all you need is a big bar of chocolate, cornflakes (or Rice Crispies if you prefer) cupcake paper cases and a bag of mini eggs.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl on top of some boiling water and stir regularly. After the chocolate is fully melted, pour over a bowl of cornflakes and leave to cool for about 5 or 10 minutes. Once cool enough to touch, scoop a handful into the cake cases and garnish with mini eggs in the top.

Once they’re all assembled, put in the fridge to cool, and then enjoy!

Have A “Sports Day” In Your Garden

Spring is here!

As long as the sun is shining and the garden is clear- this is a great opportunity to play some traditional outdoor games with the family. Gather anyone who’s interested, and run a mini Easter sports day. There’s plenty of ways to add an Easter spin on all the classics:

  • Easter egg & spoon race
  • Bunny-hop race (Optional: Add a cotton tail to an old pillow case for a little bunny sack-race)
  • Land the chick in the basket (Throw a soft toy in a hula hoop)

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with!

Tell Your Toddlers To Grab The Crayons And Print Some Easter Activities Sheets

What do you do when it’s raining outside or you need a bit of quiet time? Sometimes, the best option is to grab the pencils or crayons and work through a colouring book or do a bit of drawing. Or, alternatively, you can find a few printable sheets to fill up your kids time.

There’s tons of activity sheets out there that are easy enough to download and print. One of the biggest sites for this in the UK is Twinkl. Check them out, and see what might appeal to your little ones.

Find Out What’s On At Your Local Museums/Wildlife Trust

If you’re looking for something to entertain the kids over Easter weekend that takes you out and about, then it’s very likely that your local museums, zoos, libraries and community centres are running something.

We searched in London (as an example) and they had all sorts of events running, including a ‘Zoonourmous egg hunt’ at London Zoo. Search on Google or ask around in your local mum facebook groups.

Make Your Own Bunny Ears

Easter Activities Toddlers: Two kids stand peeking over a table wearing bunny ears

Download a template, or make your own! (We found this Peter Rabbit one from Penguin) What better way to enjoy Easter by making your own bunny ears and then hopping around your living room, living your best rabbit life. You might need to lend a helping hand with the scissors if necessary, but this is a good simple craft to get into the hoppity happity mood!

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Egg Painting/Decorating

You can’t beat a classic activity like egg painting/decorating at Easter.

Grab the toddler-friendly paints (and some googly eyes if you’re up to it!) and a few eggs. It’s a good idea to hard boil your eggs ahead of time and leave them in the fridge to make them extra solid (and avoid just some of the mess that you could get from dropping raw eggs!) though there’s no hard rule if you haven’t.

Have fun!

Create a Nature Trail To Find The Easter Bunny’s Basket

While this is one that may take a little more prep, this is definitely a great one to get little ones enthusiastic about exploring the wild outdoors! Visit your local park and take a quick wander, making a note of the different kind of wildlife and nature that’s around you, and then simply make a list, or map out, where your little one needs to go to get closer to the Easter Bunny’s basket. (When your kids start to get a little closer, try to find a way to sneak a little basket or any kind of parcel with some treats inside in an area).

This can be good fun, and really exciting for little ones to get involved in. Woodland Trust have some great tips on how to make a nature trail for little ones here!

Give The Easter Bunny A Call

Ring ring! Hello? Is that your childhood calling?

Add a special little spark for your kids Easter weekend. We’re all familiar with the tradition of getting father Christmas to give your kids a ring on Christmas Eve, and if your little ones enjoy that, they’ll love this!

Go to the app store or the Playstore on your phone and search “Call Easter Bunny”. You should find an app that helps your little one talk with the childhood traditional icon. It’s a ready made recording, but the Easter bunny will say hello to your child, asks what their name is, and then remind them to keep behaving well. And it’s completely free!

Want to get out and about, have fun with your baby or toddler, and meet other parents?

Search Happity to find everything that’s happening for the under-5’s in your local area – from music and singing classes, to messy play, arts and crafts, baby massage, gymnastics and more. Simply enter your postcode and child’s age to search, and then book your spot in a few taps. Enjoy dedicated fun time with your little one, watch their skills develop, and make friends at the same time. Mums, dads, grandparents and carers will all find something to love!

Find a class today!

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