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This Is Family: Happity Wants To Hear Your Story!

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As you might already be aware, our mission at Happity is, and always has been, to help end loneliness for parents by connecting them together through baby and toddler classes. But we want to further support our community by helping them to feel seen, and to make their voices heard. 

That’s exactly why we’re more than excited to share with you a new regular blog series we want to start: This Is Family.

What is ‘This is Family’?

Too often is a family presented with one shape and nuclear form. But we know it’s just not the case in the modern age.

Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they experience different challenges and joys alike. We know that some families can struggle to be heard and seen, feeling excluded for being ‘different to the norm’.

And, we also know just how empowering it can be for you to share your story. 

Do you want to share your parenting journey with our supportive community of parents?

We would love to hear your memorable stories, your triumphs, the lessons you’ve learnt, and the hardships you’ve needed to overcome.

We want to give you the platform you deserve to bring light to any issues you’ve encountered through pregnancy, parenthood and beyond. 

If it sounds like your cup of tea but you’re not quite sure how to approach it -fear not! 

Our content team will help you along the way. We’re happy to support you in any way we can, sending you potential questions that you can answer and any bits of guidance you might need. We’re also more than happy to follow your lead on your privacy preferences. If you would like to remain anonymous while you tell your story -we’re more than happy to let you do so. If you want your name attached, that’s fine too! Whatever you are most comfortable with. ❤️

Click here to get in touch and let us know that you are interested!

A silhouetted picture of what a family may look like (This is family)

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