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Happity has been featured across the media, including from sources such as The Independent, Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, Channel 5 news and more. You can find examples of our press coverage below. 

You can find out more about our business here. We can help contribute quotes, interviews and articles on many parenting issues, in particular around maternal mental health, flexible working and equality. We can also put you in touch with providers of baby & toddler classes and parents should you require direct quotes from them.

You can also find quotes, images, video assets and our logos in our press kit.

Happity in the press:

Happity have been featured in articles around many parenting issues, in particular around maternal mental health, flexible working and equality. They also have been highlighted as paving the way as female co-founders (and mums) running a startup business in the tech industry.

Channel 5 News

Co-founder, Emily Tredget, made an appearance on channel 5 news to advocate and raise awareness about post-natal depression for Maternal Mental Health week.

The Guardian

Happity have appeared in The Guardian multiple times, discussing parenting topics as well as the impact that Covid-19 had on the wellbeing of parents and women.

The guardian

About the coronavirus and how it may be affecting the rights for women

June 2020
The guardian

On the topic of shared parental leave

December 2018

The Telegraph

Happity has covered a range of topics through The Telegraph, offering insight into what it’s like to be a female founder, being a working mother, and more.

The Telegraph

This article covers: The distribution of money going towards startups (and how it is uneven between genders)

February 2021
The Telegraph

This article is about International Women’s Day, showing pictures of working mothers in Britain 

March 2020
The Telegraph

The story of how coronavirus could have been affecting people’s mental health (and what people can do about it) 

March 2020

The Evening Standard

During the pandemic, Happity was highlighted as a must-have tool for parents, helping to keep children entertained during lockdowns.

Evening Standard

This article is from the Pandemic, sharing how our platform was being used to help families at home

May 2020
Evening Standard

Happity was named in this list of best parenting gadgets and products

January 2020

The Independent

Offering a good escape for young parents during the pandemic, Happity was highlighted in The Independent as a great resource.


A list of baby and toddler classes that were being recommended during the lockdowns

January 2021

An article for new parents, reassuring them that a second lockdown would not be as bad as the first. 

November 2020


Sara and Emily were listed at number 23 in Techround’s “top women in startups and tech” list.


A success story of how Happity secured our crowdfunding funds (with the helps of those like Twinkl and Ada Angels)

November 2022

Emily and Sara landed the Number 23 spot in the 2022 list for Top Women in Startups and Tech

March 2022

The Times

Happity was featured in the title, sharing insight into the struggle for parents who need to return to work but don’t have childcare available.

The Times

An insightful story about the struggles for parents needing to work but unable to afford childcare

June 2020


A discussion that Happity co-founder, Sara Tateno, contributed an opinion towards, as to whether the term “mumpreneur” was beneficial or offensive. The article features multiple mum entrepeneurs offering their opinions.


Is the word Mumpreneur An Offensive term?  This article discusses this

May 2019

Parliament campaigning

When campaigning to make sure that baby and toddler classes would be allowed to run, Happity featured in multiple articles and debates from parliament UK. In the process, they were also nominated for petition campaign of the year.

Parliament UK

Happity was nominated for petition campaign of the year in 2021

March 2021
Parallel Parliament

Parliamentary debate on maternity leave

October 2020
Committees Parliament UK

This article is an official guidline on the impact of COVID-19 on maternity and parental leave

September 2020

Sky news

While running her campaign “shoutie selfie”, Emily shared some insight as to how difficult it is to know that someone is struggling with PND. She shared a very personal story in hopes of raising awareness, and making those who feel something similar could feel less alone. 

Sky News

A realistic insight into this picture of co-founder Emily Tredget, and an honest truth about PND

May 2018


Emily continued her efforts to raise awareness of maternal mental health issues in this article from the Metro.


An article discussing the many maternal mental health issues facing young families. 

May 2018

Daily Mail

During her campaign #ShoutieSelfie, in which Emily raised awareness about post-natal depression, multiple celebrities joined in and this was covered in this article from the Daily Mail. 

Daily Mail

Finding support for Maternal Mental Health Week in the media, this article features Made in Chelsea stars support 

April 2018

Happity has also been featured in:

Emily shares about her experience with motherhood and her mission with Happity

August 2023

Happity featured in this article about what founders featured in the Startup 100s index 2023 consider to be their must-haves in their business

August 2023

Interview with Sara and Emily about Happity, and their journey as co-founders

February 2023
She Can code

Sara Tateno features on SheCanCode Spotlight series

January 2023
She Can code

Emily Tredget features on SheCanCode Spotlight series

December 2022

A success story of how Happity secured our crowdfunding funds (with the helps of those like Twinkl and Ada Angels)

November 2022

Happity listed in this list of London’s fastest growing baby startups

October 2022
Mother bodies podcast

Sara Tateno shares insight on this podcast into working as a parent, breastfeeding struggles and the joy of baby classes

October 2022

Happity features in this article about NHS vs NCT and other private antenatal classes

September 2022
We Made a wish

Article sharing about the Happity Parenting Platform

September 2022
The Penny Pincher

Article about how Happity lists cheap/free child activities

September 2022
My Lemon Magazine

Article sharing about the Happity platform

September 2022
London Daily News

This article talks about how Happity have now expanded to over 20 cities.

September 2022
Sutton & Croydon Guardian

Happity was named as one of Britain’s most inspirational small firms in 2022

August 2022
Yahoo! News

Again, Happity was named as one of Britain’s most inspirational small firms in 2022

August 2022

An Interview with Emily Tredget

March 2022

 Interview With Sara Tateno for International Women’s Day

March 2022

“How Happity Helped Me As A New Mum” a post shared from a regular user of our site

March 2022

An article about how mums use their influence to raise awareness for maternal mental health

May 2021
School for Mothers podcast

Podcast episode featuring Sara Tatano

March 2021

Podcast with Emily Tredget  – I’m a Mum, Fix My LIfe

May 2020
Computer world

Sara Tateno named in this article about women in tech

December 2019
Solid State Group

Sara Tateno’s story of how she left the BBC and went on to run her own business

Oct 2018


Through the pandemic, Emily and Sara campaigned to ensure that baby and toddler classes could continue to operate. In the process, whilst offering online baby classes, they highlighted the impact that covid-19 had on young parents and the importance of activities for young children. The eventual outcome was changing government legislation and being nominated for campaign of the year.


This article was created to inform young parents about Happity, as a way of keeping themselves and their children entertained in the pandemic

September 2021
Surrey Advertiser

Local newspaper for co-founder Emily, about being nominated for Petition of the Year campaign

March 2021

Article discussing the role of online classes and the importance of them

August 2020
This is money

Happity mentioned in this article about the cost to the nation of school closures

July 2020
Sync Ni

Happity is mentioned in this list of apps to help during lockdown

June 2020
Baby shop

Happity is mentioned in this list of best online baby & toddler classes to try in lockdown

June 2020
Huffington post

Article discussing the issue of Coronavirus leaving young mothers to miss out on quality time with their babies.

June 2020


Before Happity, Co-founder Emily created MummyLinks as a safe space for mums to meet. During her time running the business, she campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of maternal mental health issues, appearing on national news and running the hugely successful #ShoutieSelfie social media campaign each year.

The Mummylinks Blog

Blog written by Emily: Uncovering the #HiddenHalf of Post-Natal Depression

Feb 2018
Mind your mamma

Blog written about Mental health and being unaware that you’re struggling.

November 2017
Huffington Post

An article discussing whether mental health is an issue that faces a specific age group.

October 2017
Huffington post

Article written by Emily, questioning if loneliness is what leads to Post Natal Depression

September 2017

Shoutie Selfie:

Launched in 2017,  Shoutie Selfie got maternal mental health trending in just 30 minutes of launching, and a million impressions in the first week.

The campaign received support of amazing charities, organisations and celebrities such as BBC5Live, HeadsTogether, Baby Buddy, NCT, PANDAS, World mental health day, Binky and Jane Felstead, Anna Williamson, Josh Paterson and many more!

Baby and Children’s market

Article shouting about Emily Tredget’s shoutie selfie campaign

May 2018
Made for mums

Emily Tredget shares her story of her PND struggle and offers hope for those also going through it.

May 2018