When it’s 7am, you’re alone with a small person and you can see the day stretching out ahead of you, it can feel like the start of a marathon.

That’s where Happity comes in. We put thousands of groups and activities for under-5s across London at your fingertips. Groups to get your kids singing, discos to get you dancing, to playgroups where you can snaffle a cheeky biscuit behind your toddler's back.

You can filter your results by age group, time, distance and more, so you’ll only find things that are right for your kids and their nap time!

Our founder, Sara, learnt to code while her husband took Shared Parental Leave to look after their six-month-old son. She built the first version of Happity herself, and since then has helped lots of other parents find ways to balance work with looking after children. Read the full story here.

These days our whole team works flexibly to build the business, juggling coding with kids, nap times with networking, deadlines with playtime. And we’re committed to making it possible for other parents to do the same.

Want to be a part of Happity? Come talk to us, work with us, join us.

Find local baby and toddler groups. Fast.

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