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19 amazing things to do for young families in Cardiff – Happity Guide

Our city guide to Cardiff’s most-loved local classes, activities, parks, soft plays and museums for babies, toddlers and parents  

Get to know Cardiff

A popular tourist destination (visited by 18 million people per year!) with infinite things to do for families, Cardiff  is the capital of Wales and the UK’s 11th largest city. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful wildlife, and beautiful history. There’s plenty of filming locations both in Cardiff and nearby for the iconic British show Doctor Who (including “Bad Wolf Bay” aka Dunraven Bay) and is the birthplace of famous author, Roald Dahl. If that wasn’t impressive enough, then hold onto your nappies! Because on top of that, it’s also home to the Wales Millennium Centre, which has won the Loo of the Year Awards. Twice! 

With so many people choosing Cardiff as a holiday destination, it’s not difficult to understand why so many people take the next step in picking Cardiff to raise their families. We wanted to know some of the best picks of things to do in the area, and reached out to the young families of Cardiff. After receiving many many many recommendations, we gathered together a list of  activities, destinations and services for you and your little ones.

If there’s anywhere on here we’ve missed, let us know! We are positivie that no one knows these cities better than the families who live in them and discover new gems on the regular. Get in touch to tell us your favourite classes, activities and businesses for babies and toddlers. Or, if you’re a class provider, sign up below to list on our site and be featured (for free!) 

Things to do for families in Cardiff: image shows a group of kids playing in a soft play area

Cardiff’s best… Soft Play and Roleplay Centres

When in doubt, go for a play centre! These are always a perfect choice for families when you’re looking for things to do, whether that’s Cardiff or any city! Little ones can keep entertained for hours at these colourful venues, and all of the below have all the proper facilities you’ll need, including a cafe nearby for when you need your that well-needed tea break.

Mambo Play Centre

Softplay, sensory walls, bumper cars and more! This play centre has tons to offer for a wide range of ages. They have toddler and baby areas, and huge play frames for those in your family over the age of 4, making this a perfect pick for those of us with multiple children. 

Ocean Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PG


Playbarn – Three Horseshoes Country Inn

Attached to this lovely hotel and restaurant, the Playbarn is a wonderful choice for delicious grub and fun. They offer both a baby area and a big-kids play area, with lots of spaces for parents to rest and sit while they keep an eye on their kids. 

Moulton, Barry, Wales, CF62 3AB, United Kingdom


Ants Inya Pants Play Centre

Good value for money, clean and safe! Ants Inya Pants is a smaller play centre, which makes life a lot easier when you need to keep an eye on your little one. And they don’t put a time limit on your visit! This venue offers slides, ball-pits, tunnels, cannons and zip-lines, and more.

Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AF

Things to do for families in Cardiff: image shows a toddler sitting in a cinema

Cardiff’s best… Baby-Friendly Trips Out

Trips that are perfectly baby-friendly, and can work for the whole family! From baby-friendly cinema screenings, to mind-blowing museums, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.


Carry On Screaming 

A trip to the cinema that won’t make you cringe in fear at the idea of your baby crying loudly, or having to pop out mid-show to do a nappy change. If you’ve missed going to see films on the big screen, and you’re looking for things to do for families in Cardiff, then this is a great choice. Carry On Screaming screenings are for parents with babies under twelve months only, with free entry for babies. 

Chapter, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE


Little Pickles Markets Wales

Looking to buy baby items in a sustainable way? Little Pickles Markets are the perfect solution for your needs. This community organisation runs multiple baby markets throughout Wales where you can both buy and sell pre-loved baby products. 

Pop-up events (Various Locations)


National Museum Cardiff

The National Museum Cardiff is a wonderful place to let curious minds go wild. Walk among the dinosaurs, explore the wonders of natural history, or check in with them to see if they’re running one of their “Toddler Time” sessions. 

Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NP


Techniquest Cardiff

An awe-inspiring and fun science discovery centre! Venture into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). And keep an eye out for their “Toddler Days”, where pre-schoolers have exclusive access to the exhibits in a safe and friendly environment. 

Stuart Street, Cardiff, CF10 5BW.

Things to do for families in Cardiff: image shows a row of mothers and babies in a swim class

Cardiff’s best… Baby and Toddler Classes

Do you fancy sampling a class that will help your little one develop a new skill? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to relax and find your tribe? Try some of these! There’s lots of things to do for families in Cardiff, and many of them come in the form of classes. These are the ones that were highlighted to us by the parents we spoke to.


Picks for babies and toddlers:

Little Fizz

The perfect good energy to leave you feeling bubbly and bright! Little Fizz is an Multi Award Winning, exciting and engaging combination of music, movement and learning through play within a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They hold a lot of emphasis on both physical and mental benefits of exercise, and create a great atmosphere for you to connect with your baby. 

 Multiple Venues

Monkey Music 

A familiar name for many throughout the UK, Monkey Music is an award-winning music franchise with beautiful hand-crafted puppets, cute bops, and a clear passion by those that run it. This pick is a safe choice for a guaranteed good time. 

Multiple venues


Happy Hands Club

This franchise offers parents and carers the big three: Music, movement, and mindfulness! They create a welcoming environment for nervous babies and parents alike, and keep sessions fun for everyone involved.

Multiple Venues

Little Notes Cardiff and Penarth

“Real music, real fun!” Little Music Notes offers something quite unique on our list, in that they bring real musical instruments to their session to introduce to little ones. They have puppets, percussion, and more -all to bring a memorable experience for you and your child.

Urban Crofters, Crofts St, Cardiff, CF24


Always Be Curious – Anturwyr Bach – Messy Play Classes

An English and Welsh mixed class, this cute messy play class is a wonderful addition to our list. Allow your little ones to explore their senses and develop their motor skills in a warm and enjoyable environment. 

Multiple Venues



Picks for parents and carers


A mum and baby class from an experienced personal trainer. This inclusive fitness session allows you to have your workout with your child watching. Classes are aimed at any level of fitness and you can bring along any age child from 6 weeks +

Multiple Venues

Shiny Happy People 

A fun fance class, with an ever-changing pop playlist, “where nappies and baby cream meet Lizzo, Spice Girls and Queen!” These classes just sound like so much fun. They’re feel good, they’re welcoming, and as your baby develops their language, cognitive and social skills, you can get a well-deserved boogie on!

Multiple Venues



Happity is the UK’s biggest platform dedicated exclusively to baby & toddler classes. We’re expanding in Leicester and are keen to hear from families about more classes and things to do for little ones – get in touch if you can help! We’re always open to recommendations! 

Things to do in Cardiff for families: image shows a pregnant mother holding a baby in the air while sitting in the park.

Cardiff’s best… Parks and Farms

Happity are definitely big fans of outdoor spaces. They are good for families, all members, and offer things to do for everyone, whether you’re in Cardiff or anywhere around the country. But, if you’re looking for the best parks or nature walks to check out, here’s what came highly recommended:


The Meadows Farm Village

An interactive animal experience for all the family to enjoy. You can cuddle an alpaca, feed the lorikeets, fuss a pygmy goat and more! 

Gypsy Ln, Caerphilly, Cardiff CF15 7UN


Roath Park

A lovely community park with tons and tons to do! From the Roath Park Conservatory to the Trim Trail: There’s a little bit of something for everyone, and it’s worth the multiple visits to try it all.

Roath Park, Lake Road West, Cardiff, CF23 5NP


Cliff Top Park – Penrath

Scenic, beautiful, and a chance to get a deep breath of that lovely coastal air. Generally considered an easy walking route, this is perfect for when you’re looking for a walk with parent friends, or to find a way to get out and about. 

Penarth Cliff Top Park, Penarth CF64 5BP


Mountain View Ranch

“A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?” Those who are fans of the Julia Donaldson classic will adore this pick, with a beautiful Gruffalo trail, with wonderfully carved and painted statues to bump into in your path. This location has lots to do, and is ideal for when you’re looking for a full day out with the kids. 

Heol Pen y bryn, Blaengwynlais, Cardiff, CF83 1NG


Prams in the Park (NCT Cardiff)

A charity group running in various locations. Prams in the Park brings mums, dads and carers together to help unite others and to help parents meet, walk, and talk. A great activity, and free! 

Would you consider yourself a local expert?

Happity is the UK’s biggest platform dedicated exclusively to baby & toddler classes.
We’re expanding in Cardiff and are keen to hear about more classes and activities for little ones – get in touch if you can help!

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