Nervous about going to a baby group? Don’t be!

Feeling nervous about going to a baby group for the first time is incredibly normal. Walking into a room full of people you don’t know is always a little nerve wracking. Before hand you are bound to have some worries or fears floating around in your head…

You’re not alone in thinking them. But, we want to help you brush away those worries and take the leap into finding your tribe. Here are the most common worries we’ve heard from those who have had first-class jitters.

What if nobody talks to me? 

Woman holds the shoulder of another woman and they smile to one another.

Worry not, parents and carers are some of the friendliest and most approachable people out there. Babies are a great leveller and make it super easy to spark a conversation about being a new parent. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re sharing your birth story or discussing the colour of your baby’s poo with your new found mum-friends. And you’ll be even more surprised at how little it grosses out the other people in that room!

There might be songs but I can’t sing/I’m nervous about singing in a baby group

You don’t need to be Taylor Swift to attend any music classes that have caught your eye! And there’s no need to feel embarrassed if your vocal runs are a little rusty. The main reason that class leaders of music groups will encourage you to sing is for the sake of allowing your baby to hear your voice more. It’s not going to mean a massive deal for the other class attendees, but it is a huge source of comfort for your baby. You won’t be judged or graded on your singing voices, and that’s a promise!

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What if my baby cries? 

Mother looks disgruntled holding a crying baby.

We’ve all experienced that look when your baby starts crying in public. It’s embarrassing, and in other environments you might start vigorously apologising as you rush to take your baby out of the room…

But, in a baby class, the environment is totally different. Everyone is half-expecting there to be some crying or disruptions from the tiny attendees. Babies cry – it’s fine. Nobody will mind and people will also help you to settle them.

What if my baby needs sleep/feeding?

It doesn’t matter if your baby sleeps all the way through, or needs a feed or a change. At baby and toddler groups, you’re surrounded by parents and carers who know what it’s like to look after little ones. No one will be judging you at all, and will do what they can to help you and your baby stay as comfortable as possible.

Will everyone else know each other?

Feeling nervous attending a baby group for the first time? Image shows a collective of women smiling and chatting with one another.

It’s possible that the class you attend will have already created a tribe. If it’s a long-running class, then it’s likely to already have some regulars. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be welcome. Like you, they were all new, nervous and looking to meet other parents once. They will understand everything you are feeling. And they (as well as the class provider) will do their best to help you feel welcome and comfortable in the class.

I’m shy/too nervous to make myself go to a baby group

We know it can be especially hard. Since they came into your life, your baby is likely eating up the majority of your social time now. Going to a baby group and meeting new people, mingling with adults again, it can feel like a massive step.

Try not to stress out too much because people won’t be putting any pressure on you when you arrive, and there’s no expectation that you have to go more than once. If you just want to test the waters with a class, that’s more than fine. But once you try it once, you’ll see just how warm and welcoming the class leaders are and what a nice environment classes are. Just take a big deep breath and give it a go!

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What do class providers say about nervous parents?

We recently shared a post on our Instagram highlighting some of the worries parents have when they’re attending a class for the first time. Here’s what some of the wonderfully lovely class providers responded with:

“It can be so overwhelming going to a new class, but all we want is for you and your child to enjoy the class and leave feeling happy and re-energised. There is never any pressure in our classes.”

Tappy Toes

“We had a 7 week old and Mum in class on Thursday. They are new to the area. I sat down and had a chat with her at the start of class. Yes, my class started a little late but all the other parents were happy chatting and I feel it’s so important to welcome new parents and check in with them.”

Zip Zap

“Babies will be babies, they will sleep, cry, poop and burp, and they don’t care where they are when they do that! It is all normal and natural, and nothing to be worried about when you are in the class. Just enjoy yourself and the time with your little one.”

Mum on the Run

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