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7 Easy Snacks To Make For Your Toddlers Party

Having a party for toddlers is exciting, but thinking of everything from the snacks to the games (see our list of ideas here) can be overwhelming! You’ll want to make your snack prep as simple as possible, and we’ve got you covered. Check if any of your little guests have any allergies or dietary requirements, as ingredients can easily be swapped to be allergy-friendly (such as dairy-free milk, or gluten-free pizza bases), and then read on for our suggestions of easy and fun party snacks!

Rainbow Plate

A nice colourful, easy and healthy one: chop up some fruit and veg to create a rainbow on a platter. Red strawberries and peppers, oranges, yellow bananas, green kiwis and cucumbers and more. All look amazing when put together! A fun chance to talk to toddlers about different colours too. 

Fruit Kebab

Another healthy option, chop up some fruit (and maybe some veg too) and put it on a skewer (one that is toddler-friendly and not sharp) They’ll enjoy eating the food off a stick! 

Fruit kebabs on a plate

Baked Banana & Chocolate

You may have done this before while camping or on a BBQ. Slice a banana open while still in its peel, (don’t cut all of the way through though!) a bit like slicing a hotdog bun. Then add some chocolate chips or chocolate squares. Close up the banana again, and wrap in foil. Place these on a baking tray and put in the oven. They do not need long, just enough to melt the chocolate and soften the bananas. Give them 10 minutes then check to see if they are done to your liking! 

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Pizza- Choose Your Own Toppings!

Take a shortcut by using naan bread or pitta pockets as a base (you can try garlic naans if your little guests like the flavour!) Add tomato or pasta sauce on top then let the toddlers choose their toppings. You could offer things like ham, plenty of cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, and anything else that your little guests like. They can add the toppings themselves and then have a grown up put the pizzas in the oven. 

A toddler adds toppings to a pizza

Breadstick Wands – Party Snacks For Toddlers

A fun and simple one. All you need are breadsticks, melted chocolate or chocolate spread and sprinkles. Dip your breadstick into the chocolate or chocolate spread, then into a bowl of sprinkles. You can do both ends for a double treat!

Mini Tortilla Wraps

Try cutting wraps in half and filling with a few different options. Try things like cream cheese, chocolate spread or nut butter. Roll these up into mini wraps. Toddlers often love anything mini! 


If you have a blender, this is an easy one. Add milk, ice cream (the flavour of your choice) and something else for flavour, such as chopped fruit or chocolate spread. Delicious!

A strawberry milkshake with a straw

What else do I need?

It’s a good idea to have some hand sanitiser and wet wipes handy to keep those little hands clean (and useful for grown-ups too!) Either offer some reusable plates, cutlery and cups or get some paper plates (look out for biodegradable ones not coated in plastic). Also, provide somewhere for the children to put their rubbish – it is so much easier if you get them to tidy up themselves, and they usually enjoy it!

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We hope you have found these party snacks for toddlers helpful, and have a fun party!

Party plates, straws and cups

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