What To Expect From Your First Baby Class

If you’ve been doing your research and have read articles like this, then you might have a lot of thoughts about your first baby class. If you’re feeling sceptical, then you’re possibly little nervous too. But, it’s perfectly normal to get first-class jitters.

We’ve written out this list of what to expect mainly so you can prepare yourself for what might happen, and advise you on what to avoid to have the best experience possible. We hope it helps!

There Will Be No Judgement

What to expect at your first baby class: image shows 3 babies participating in a ZipZap class

Your first class might not be entirely smooth. Your baby might make a lot of noise, want feeding part-way through, or need changing in the middle of the class.

But, if you ask anyone who’s a baby class regular, then you will soon find out that none of that matters. At the end of the day, everyone around you also has a little person they need to look after. And they’ll completely understand that these things happen. There is no judgement if you need to take a break to look after your baby or yourself. No shame here!

Featured in the above image: Zip Zap

Your Baby Will Probably Cry In Their First Class

image shows a baby crying.

It’s a new environment with brand-new noises and sensations around them. The likelihood is -your baby will cry in their first class. It’s difficult to listen to and you might feel a bit embarrassed. But it’s perfectly normal. Everyone in that class has likely been through that before. But it’s usually a first-class thing.

Our best advice for you is to avoid class-hopping when booking activities for your baby. With repetition, going back to your class and continuing to introduce the routine to your child, your baby will slowly get used to the environment and soon love it!

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It Will Be Surprisingly Easy To Get Along With Other Parents

If this is your first time going into a space where you’re surrounded by other new parents, then you will be surprised by how quickly you are opening up and discussing the intimacies of your baby’s latest poonami.

Classes are great at creating a safe space for families from all walks of life. They can be a welcome relief from an endless routine at home. And the people who go to them are always more than happy to welcome you in.

There’s No Pressure To Sing Or Dance If You’re Shy

What to expect at your first baby class: image shows parachute games from a ZipZap class

While class providers will encourage parents to get involved with singing and the activities being run in the session, there’s also no pressure to get involved if you feel nervous or are feeling a little self-conscious.

You are there to spend precious bonding time with your little one, so it’s up to you how you want to do that. Use the space in your session to relax and have fun.

Featured in the above image: Zip Zap

Your Class Leader Will Be Genuinely Happy To Have You There

What to expect at your first baby class: a collage of 4 images of 4 class providers (Little Theatre On The Hill, Magic Box, Noise Makers and Latino Bambino)

If there is one thing we know about classes from talking to their owners first-hand, it’s this: class leaders loves running their classes. It’s their small business and they are putting their heart and soul into it. They are doing what they love! So by choosing to go along to their class, they’re going to be delighted to have you there and to be receiving your support.

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Class leaders are always incredibly friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask them any questions you have before or at the end of your session. Or email them/send them a private message on their socials. If you have any concerns, they will be more than happy to talk them out with you.

Our top tip: When booking your class, book up a block of classes instead of a single session. It will save you money in the long run! Most classes offer a term or block of classes at a discounted rate. If you want to give your baby a chance to settle into a class, then this is your best option.

Featured in the above image: Little Theatre On The Hill | Magic Box | Noise Makers | Latino Bambino

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