The Only Baby Development Toys Subscription Crate You’ll Need – 5 Reasons I Love KiwiCo

Looking for recommendations for the best baby development toys? 

Helen Holding, Growth Admin Assistant for Team Happity, shares her experience of using the KiwiCo’s Subscription Crate, alongside her personal favourite products that she’s received through her time as a long-term customer! 

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I first came across KiwiCo when I was pregnant with my little girl, Lyra. I knew they made science kits for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) learning through play for kids. But then I heard they had these kits from newborn upwards.

I was very curious to find out how a newborn can learn science, so I bought a subscription. Straight away I could see that KiwiCo is amazing and has some of the best baby development toys. Lyra loves it! 

Here are my five top reasons that I have stayed with KiwiCo. 

1. Most Of My Favourite Toys Have Come From KiwiCo

Baby development Toys - the milestones cushion from KiwiCo sends a card every month for you to add into your cushion.

Each crate comes with beautifully made baby development toys (a lot of them wooden) and a board book. Also a magazine giving information on the next stage of development, as well as flash cards with game/ activity ideas. 

Some of our favourites are the “milestone cushion”. This comes with cards and a slot to put these cards in for your monthly milestone photos. On the back of the cards there are suggestions on what to keep records of, such as your baby’s weight and number of teeth. Another recent favourite is a threading toy- a wooden peg on a stick with some large beads to thread on. This encourages hand eye coordination, motor skills and problem solving. It’s really fun to see her work out how to use it!

2. These Toys Grow With Your Baby, So Each Box Brings All The Toys You Need For The Next Developmental Stage

Baby Development Toys -two images side by side of Helen's daughter Lyra playing with toys at different ages.

We are getting Panda Crates, as these are the boxes aimed at children under 3 years old. My daughter will be two next month. When you sign up, you give your baby’s date of birth. This means that the crates can develop at the same rate as your baby! So when it is time to start learning a particular motor skills, these toys will be delivered to you. You don’t need to research what you should be showing your baby/toddler next. 

The crates have been designed by exports in child health, behaviour and development. So you can have confidence that these toys and activities are right for your little one.

3. Learning and Engagement: Toys and Activities To Help Them Learn About The World Around Them.  

The world is completely new to our little ones, so everything needs to be explored. I love that a lot of our KiwiCo toys are baby friendly versions of everyday objects. Such as a reusable tissue box. The box itself is a soft bean bag, and the tissues are washable pieces of fabric. Since it was one of Lyra’s favourite pastimes as a baby (to pull all of the tissues out of boxes), this is a real win!

4. Motor Skills & Hands On Play 

Baby development toys - 3 different examples of toys from KiwiCo that help with fine motor skills.

Seeing how each toy helps develop skills is so rewarding as a parent. One of the toys we love is a “connect four” style dropping discs into a grid with slots. It is amazing to see Lyra learn about dropping these into the slots, and how it does not work if that column is already full!

5.  Time Spent Playing Together Is Amazing Bonding Time

Baby development toys -two pictures showing how parents and babies can bond through the toys sent over by KiwiCo

The time we spend reading books together, playing with the toys we receive, is so special. There’s something for every part of our daily routine. We really love the bath time book. This is a black and white book that magically fills with colour when wet, perfect for bath time! Seeing your baby grow and learn is one of the best things about being a parent. 

Once I tried out KiwiCo, I Was Won Over

The lovely Helen and Lyra!

KiwiCo cartes start from newborn all the way to big kids. And for grown ups that love to keep learning too! I really recommend to anyone with little ones of all ages. I’m looking forward to seeing what our next crate brings!

You can get your first box with 50% off. Click here and use discount code HAPPITY.

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Helen Holding

Helen Holding

Happity's Growth Marketing Assistant. Helen works hard to get more classes around the UK onto Happity, connecting more parents with activity providers every week. Mum of one beautiful daughter, Lyra. When she's not working she is usually enjoying toddler classes with Lyra. Their current favourites are toddler gymnastics and Forest School!